Catherine Bernhardt's Timeline

By ms2
  • Born

    I was born in durham
  • Period: to

    A Timeline in the Life of Catherine Bernhardt

  • Baptism

    I was baptized at Our Lady of Lourdes church in April. My whole family attended to watch me become catholic.
  • My First Christmas

    My First Christmas
    My first christmas we traveled to Salisburry. We had lots of fun and started many new traditions.
  • My First trip to the Beach

    My First trip to the Beach
    when i went to the beach, I also had my first boat ride. We had lots of fun and I love the beach.
  • Got Macon

    Got Macon
    We got our yellow lab, Macon, when I was only one year old. We got her when she was only just born.
  • Turkey

    August 17, 1999 - An earthquake, with a magnitude 7.4, kills more than 15,600 and takes the homes of 600,000 in Turkey.
  • First Football Game

    First Football Game
    When I was a little over one year old, our family went to a UNC football game. Now, we go to every game.
  • First Day at Our Lady of Lourdes

    First Day at Our Lady of Lourdes
    I came to Lourdes when I was in Kindergarten. I met many new friends.
  • Treaty

    North Korea admits to developing nuclear arms in defiance of treaty.
  • Went to Chicago

    Went to Chicago
    Our family went to Chicago with our friends, and visited many monuments. We also went to the college Notre Dame.
  • Zurich Museum

    Zurich Museum
    February 10, 2008 - Three men wearing ski masks steal four pieces of artwork from the Zurich Museum in one of the largest art robberies in history. In broad daylight, they took a Cezanne, a Degas, a van Gogh, and a Monet, with a combined cost of $163 million
  • Met Hannah Tyson

    Met Hannah Tyson
    I met Hannah when she transfered from St. Timothy's. We became friends.
  • Cricket

    March 3, 2009 - A group of 12 gunmen in Pakistan attack the national cricket team of Sri Lanka and their police escorts, with a total of eight men killed
  • My First Sport at OLL

    My First Sport at OLL
    My first sport i played at OLL was volleyball. Rachel and I were the only 7th graders on the team but it was still fun. We got a banner that now hangs in the gym.
  • Chile

    March 1, 2010 – The government of Chile asks for aid from other countries after being hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8. About 750 people were killed but over a million were displaced. They received food, generators, and medical aid.
  • My Dog Died

    My Dog Died
    My dog died from cancer when we were at the beach.
  • North Korea

    North Korea
    In, January North Korea withdrew from treaty on nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.