canadian history

  • Oct 5, 1497

    cabot 'finds' newfoundland

  • Oct 5, 1534

    cartier 'finds' canada

  • Samuel de Champlain founded Qubec city

  • maisonneuve founds montreal

    he is a wandering soul.lost but soon he finds some uber nice indians who help him so he founds it as montreal. and so the name stayed and they all blew up.
  • hudson bay founded

    hudson bay was founded to create a fur trade economy and it turned out that HBC became the monopoly over all fur trade in canada. the HBC currebtly makes an annual revenue of 7 billion dollars. they have 70000 employees and their other divisions are the Bay, Zellers, Fields and home outfitters.
  • treaty of Utrecht

  • battle of louisbourg

  • fall of Qubec

  • paris traety

    The Paris Treaty was signed to end the Seven Years war. the war was between Britian and France. the final battle techniqualy after the war and was called the battle of Louisbourg. britian gained much land and france lost alot.
  • Qubec Act

  • northwest company founded

  • constitution

  • constituional act of 1791

  • red river settlement

  • end of the war of 1812

  • Union Act

  • Responsibe Government Created

  • Charlottetown Conference

  • Manitoba joins canada

  • northwest rebellion

  • Louis Riel is exicuted

  • assassination of franz ferdinand

  • battle of the Somme

  • battle of Ypress 2

  • Armistice day

  • treaty of versailles

  • start of world war 2

  • D-Day

    it was the invasion of normandy by landing ships. 240000 soldiers landed on the beach and the seige commenced. the defending positions were well protected by cliffs. there were british, canadians ,and french involved in this attack.
  • hitlers suicide

    Hitler killed himself by shooting himself in the head and also by taking a cianide pill. either way he made sure he was to die. he also made his wife kill herself. their bodies were cremated and then scattered by some military officials of the NAZI party.
  • Victory in Europe Day