Camp adventure

By mgale1
  • Prusiking

    The idea of this game is to acend the climber to the top and touch the roof most people were scared of heights at the start but on the second time everyone faced their own fear of heights I was not scared of heights but my partner was who was the anchor.
  • Rock climbing

    You have to try and end up at the top whitch is number four I made it up to 1.5 whitch was hard because your fingers start to hurt.
  • Spot light

    Spot light was so fun we got to hide in the bush we won first place I was so happy when we found out then we all went straight to bed.
  • Crate tower

    We had to go to the top of how many Kerry told us to go up I had to get the fredo frogs but I didn't even make it I was so sad to end up on the highist one I ever went.