• Brewster was born!

    Brewster was born!
    My dog was born and could already walk faster than the others!
  • Brewster a month old!

    Brewster a month old!
    as he got older he became curious!
  • Brewster and his brother and sister

    Brewster and his brother and sister
    Brewster is on the left, Mika is in the middle and Toby is is an thr right. They get along slightly but..... fight alot!
  • Happy bday!!!

    Happy bday!!!
    on his first bday we got him a epic sweater......
  • New toy!!!

    New toy!!!
    We got him a brand new toy for christmas!!!!
  • Brewster itchy@!!!1

    Brewster itchy@!!!1
    brewster had a little itch and smiled when we took the picture.