Blood timeline

Timeline created by Urleen
  • 2,500 BCE


    Egyptians used bloodletting to try to cure diseases.
  • -500 BCE

    Arteries vs. Veins

    Arteries vs. Veins
    Greeks distinguished between arteries and veins.
  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek

    Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    Anton van Leeuwenhoek viwed blood cells under a microscope
  • Transfusion

    First blood transfusion is preformed
  • Blood Types

    Blood Types
    Karl Landsteiner discovered three blood types: A, B, and O.
  • Fourth Blood Type

    Fourth Blood Type
    Alfred Decastello discovered fourth blood type: AB.
  • Blood Donor Service

    Blood Donor Service
    Percy Oliver established the first blood donor service.
  • Storing Blood Transfusions

    Storing Blood Transfusions
    Mayo Clinic developed a method to store blood for transfusions.
  • The First Blood Bank

    The First Blood Bank
    Dr. Bernard Fantus established the first blood bank
  • The Rh protein

    The Rh protein
    Karl Landsteiner discovered the Rh protein
  • AIDS

    First case of AIDS recorded in the Congo
  • AIDS

    Robert Gallo identified the virus causing AIDS

    Development of ELISA test to screen for diseases such as HIV
  • Blood-screening tests

    Scientists began developing blood-screening tests for infectious diseases