BLEED FOR ME Highlights

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    The band was created in Jan 2009.

    The band was created in 2009 and was then called Cruel Solitude
  • New drummer

    New drummer
    We would like to introduce our new drummer Conny Pettersson, who also control pedals in Anata and Revengia. Is a member of and was also active on the board Half Man Half Machine. Are also hired as session drummer and has among others been hired by Lion's Share for the recording of Dark Hours.
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  • Recording in progress

    Recording in progress
    We have now started the recording of selected songs that will be used for promotion, the drums are clear and the rest floats on as planned. We look forward to presenting some of these songs in the near future so do not forget to visit our website for a while again.
    /// Bleed for Me
  • New bandname

    Cruel Solitude has now decided to change the band name to Bleed for Me, the new name will be a fresh start when a lot of things are in the pipeline.
    Among other things is a new promotional demo ready for mixing, there are also a couple of interesting names regarding the search of new lead guitarist.
    The band's new web address will soon be
    /// Bleed for Me
  • New Lead guitarist

    New Lead guitarist
    We now have the great honor to present the band's new lead guitarist named Oscar Palmer that comes from Gothenburg. Oskar has a long history in metal and hard rock, and has played in several bands and metal projects in them later years.
    Now that the band is finally complete, we can begin preparations for a first gig, which will be located in Varberg
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  • New promodemo

    We now have the honor to introduce one of the tracks on the promo demo that will be used for marketing metal band Bleed for Me.
    The song is called Razorblade and is mixed by Matti Almsenius, also thank Jimmy Hedlund for contributing solo when the band at that time missing a solo guitarrist.
    /// Bleed for Me
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    New promodemo

    bleedforme.seA new promodemo on five songs released, the song RAZORBLADE is now posted on the website.