Biotechnology Inventions

  • Period: Feb 22, 1400 to


  • Feb 22, 1410


    Around the 15th century, autopsy was authorized more often in the case of suspicious deaths. When Pope Alexander V died suddenly in 1410, an autopsy of his body was ordered.
  • The Microscope

    The Microscope
    It was Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723), a Dutch draper and scientist, and one of the pioneers of microscopy who in the late 17th century became the first man to make and use a real microscope.
  • The Vaccination

    The Vaccination
    IIn the 18th century, the anti-smallpox vaccine was rediscovered in the west. At first it had been invented in China by a Taoist monk in the 10th century BC.
  • The Stethoscope

    The Stethoscope
    In 1816, the Frenchman Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec invented a wooden tube which was capable of isolating the organic noises from the surrounding environment and making them louder.
  • Contact Lenses

    Contact Lenses
    In 1887, the German ophthalmologist A.E. Fick devised the first corneal lenses, now known as contact lenses.
  • Artificial Blood

    Artificial Blood
    In 1933, the American Clark and Gollan kept some mice immersed in a liquid which flooded their lungs and should have killed them. But they stayed alive. This fluid was an emulsion of a fluorocarbon in water.
  • The Artificial Kidney

    The Artificial Kidney
    In 1945, the Dutchman Willem Kolff made the first artificial kidney. Kolff’s kidney could be used for purifying the blood of a human being suffering from kidney failure.
  • The Syringe

    The Syringe
    Blaise Pascal made a syringe for scientific use. The syringe was made up of a silver cylinder and the lid of the pump body could be screwed down; the cylinder had a nozzle to which the cannula could be fixed, which was itself extended by a steel trocar.
  • The Artificial Heart

    The Artificial Heart
    In 1982, Kolff implanted an artificial heart into a man who survived for 112 hours.
  • Automated DNA Sequencing Technique

    Automated DNA Sequencing Technique
    On December 15th 1992, the Automated DNA Sequencing Technique was invented. DNA sequencing is the process of determining the precise order of nucleotides within a DNA molecule.