BC Test Review

By djw009
  • Integration Review

    Integration Review
    Today in class we reviewd basic concepts concerning integration. I feel pretty solid on this topic, although it couldn't hurt to review my KYSC integration rules as well as more complicated integration techniques.
  • Diffy Q's!

    Diffy Q's!
    Today we reviewed differential equations in class. I would say that I need to review unseperable differential equations but to my relief they aren't tested on the AP. However, I do need to study the derivation of the logistical equation as this will most certaintly appear on the test.
  • Sequences and Series

    Sequences and Series
    Today we reviewed one of the trickiest topics in the course; sequences and series. I feel confident about the concepts surronding this topic. However, I do need to review and memorize the different types of infinite series, the tests for convergence of infinite series, and writing the nth term of sequences. I'm confident that review on this topic will go smoothly as I feel I have a good understanding of the core concepts and their applications. As always, I just need work on the details.
  • Taylor and Maclaurin Series

    Taylor and Maclaurin Series
    Today we reviewed Taylor and Maclaurin Series. I understand the concept surronding these special infinte series, however this topic is something I need work on. I need to memorize the general form of a Taylor series. For some reason I have a hard time memorizing it, I probably used my calculater as a crutch too often when we covered it in class. I also need to heavily review the LaGrange form of the remainder
  • AP test practice

    AP test practice
    Today we started on the AP test with our partner. I think I did really well on the one problem I did by myself, and I feel confident we got the problem we worked on together correct.
  • Practice AP Exam

    Practice AP Exam
    We continued taking the practice AP exam today. I feel pretty confident about most things. I could use some review on Power series stuff though, mostly just minor memorization problems.
  • More AP Practice

    More AP Practice
    We continued with the AP practice exam. I still feel pretty confident about things. I feel better with a calculater then without one.
  • AP Practice Debrief

    We went over the exam. Scored one point away from getting a five. I think that we could have allocated our time better on the free response. I also think we could have been more throuough in the multiple choice.
  • Advanced Integration Techniques

    Advanced Integration Techniques
    Today we went over Advanced Integration Techniques. Since the trig sub integrals aren't tested I feel confident in this area for the test.
  • Integration Application

    Integration Application
    I feel good about everything except the shell method. A little further studying should correct this as I fully understand the concept behind the shell method.

    teamwork makes the dream work. except on the AP.