Ataturk's Rise to Power

By ljaber
  • Mustafa Kemal is sent to handle crisis in Anatolia

    He was sent by the Sultan to handle the rebellion, but instead of stopping the movement, he joined it and slowly became its leader. This was a Turkish Nationalist Movement.
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    Ataturk's Rise to Power

  • Greek soldiers land in Smyrna (izmir) and take control of the city

    Greece had the right to invade because of article 7 in the Armistice of Mudros, which allowed the Allies to occupy any strategic points in the event of any situation arising which threatened the security of the allies. It was a Turkish Nationalist Movement that was arising in Anatolia. This marked the beginning of the 'Turkish War of Independence.'
  • Amasya Circular was issued by Mustafa Kemal and others.

    This circular or pamphlet was distritbuted acorss Anatolia, and declared that Turkey's independence and integrity was in danger. This document started the Turkish War of Independence.
  • Mustafa Kemal resigns from Ottoman Army.

    After having received a telegram on July 2 from the Sultan, asking him to cease his activities in Anatolia and come back to Istanbul, Mustafa Kemal decided to resign from the Ottoman Army and leave his position. He also then received a warrant of arrest, for disobeying the orders.
  • Congress of Erzurum

    Importnace #4: This congress decided on many thigns that would shaped the fate and future of Turkey. This congress was the first step of the establishment of a Turkish nation.
  • Congress of Erzurum

    This was an assembly of Turkish Revolutionaries. In this, Mustafa Kemal was electred as the chairman of the congress. At this congress, a number of decisions were made that would shape the fate of Turkey and the outcomes of the Turkish War of Independence. From this assembly, it was decided that the provinces would remain with the Ottoman Empire, no mandate was to be accepted, and no special privileges for the Christians, Greeks, or Armenians.
  • Sivas Congress

    This was an assembly of the Turkish National Movement, but delegates from all the provinces in the Ottoman Empire came together. Mustafa Kemal used this congress meeting to transform the Erzurum resolutions into a national appeal. In addition, the name of the organization was changed to 'Society to Defend the Rights and Insterests of the Provinces of Anatolia and Rumeli.' At this congress, basically what happened was that the resolutions of Erzurum were reinforced.
  • Amasya Protocol

    This protocol was signed by both the Ottoman imperial governemnt in Istanbul and the turkish Revolutionaries. This agreement aimed to seek ways to preserve national independence and unity through joint efforts. In addition, it was decided that the new elections would be held that same year.
  • Elections to Ottoman Empire Parliament

    This was the last election for the Empire, and Mustafa Kemal was elected as the head of the 'Association for Defenses of Rights for Anatolia and Roumelia.' Also, this group won the most seats in the elections.
  • Grand National Assembly Inauguration

    Mustafa Kemal established the Grand National Assembly in Ankara. He was declared president of this assembly, which would later become the Turkish Republic.
    Importance #3: By establishing this assembly, and being delcared president of it, Mustafa Kemal is one step closer to rising to power, because he is now an important and known figure.
  • Ataturk sentenced to death by the Ottoman Government

  • Treaty of Sevres signed

    The Treaty of Sevres was signed, which finalized plans for the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire.
  • UUSR pledge support for Ataturk

    The UUSR provided weapons and to the revolutionaries, which helps Ataturk consolidate his power.
  • USSR pledge support to Ataturk

    Importnace #5: This is an importnat event, because by having the USSR's support i weapons an money, Ataturk was able to consolidate his power. Without the Soviet's support, Ataturk wouldn't have had the resources needed to achieve his goal.
  • European disengagement from Anatolia

    The USSR, France, Britain and Italy recognize the new government established in Ankara.
  • Ataturk enters Istanbul

    Ataturk and his army enter Istanbul and take over the city, where the British army were. At this point, Ataturk started to be recognized as a leader more than the Sultan.
  • Ataturk takes Izmir

  • Armistice of Mudnaya Signed

    This was an agreement signed between Turkey and Italy, France and Britain.
  • Abolishment of the Sultanate

    The Ottoman Sultanate was abolished by the Turkish revolutionaries.
    Importance #2: By abolishing the Sultanate, Ataturk gains leigitimacy as leader, and modernizes the nation, because following a Sultan's rule was in the past, compared to the way other nations ruled.
  • Ataturk Elected President of Turkey

    The Republic of Turkey was established and Mustafa Kemal was president of it. Ataturk rose to power.
    Importance #1: Ataturk achieved his goal, and established the independent Turkey he wanted and he became its president.