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Armenian Genocide

By cmb98
  • Sultan Abdul Hamid II

    Sultan Abdul Hamid II
    Sultan Abdul Hamid II, suspends the National Armenian Constitution and discontinues the national parliment.
  • Sassun's Gelie-guzan village massacre

    Sassun's Gelie-guzan village massacre
    Sassun's Gelie-guzan village massacre, takes place. The turks come up with a system for slaughtering unarmed people
  • 10,000 Armenians killed

    10,000 Armenians are killed and 74 Armenian villages are destroyed in Sassun.
  • Mass Obliteration

    Mass Obliteration
    Mass obliteration of Armenians takes place in Trebizond and its villages
  • Derjan province

    Armenians of Derjan province are slaughtered by the Turks.
  • Masacres begin in vilayet of Trebizond

    Masacres begin in vilayet of Trebizond
    Massacres of Armenians by Turks begin in the vilayet of Trebizond as confirmed by the report of Gillieres, the French Consul in Trebizond.
  • October 10

    In Kghi province more than 1000 Armenians are killed, and dozens of villages destroyed. In Bitlis, 102 villages are destroyed. On the same day the carnage of Armenians at Charsanjak and in its villages begins, taking almost 700 lives. In Balu, the body count of Armenian victims reaches 1200, Arabkir - 2800, Torgom - 500
  • Armenians in Bangladesh are killed

    Most of the Armenians in Baghesh are killed by the Turks.
  • Urfa

    Urfa in Yedesia is attacked, the Turkish army and the Turkish mob slayed around 10,000 Armenians. On the same day, the Turks inflict similiar carnage in Shapin-Garahisar. 2000 Armenians are slain in the town and 3000 in 30 villages.
  • Erzingan

    The Armenian population in Erzingan, a town of Erzerum vilayet, is slaughtered by the Turks. 1000 Armenians are killed.
  • Malatia

    3000 Armenians of Malatia are killed. 1000 houses are burned.
  • Ottoman Constitution

    The Ottoman Constitution is proclaimed
  • Armenian Reform Project

    Under the combined influence of Russia and Great Britain, the Turkish authorities sign the Armenian Reform Project and agree to take certain measures in favor of the Armenian population.The Dutch, Westemeck, and the Norwegian, Hoft, are appointed as General Inspectors of the Armenian provinces, but they arent helpful.
  • Note

    Two Armenian deputies of the Ottoman Assembly submit a note concerning the massacres and executions of several such battalions.
  • Forced deportation

    The forced removal and deportation of Dyurt Yol's Armenian population begins.
  • American Club

    In Paris at the "American Club", a public meeting urges help to alleviate the Armenian suffering.
  • United States

    The United States Senate votes to ask the President of the United States of America to set a special day when citizens of this country can help Armenians with financial support, were forced to leave their houses and belongings without any opportunity to care even for their primal needs, are afflicted with hunger, disease and untold sufferings.
  • 14 points

    President Wilson's Declaration of Fourteen Points is published. The 12th Point extends promise to the Armenians of security of life and an unmolested opportunity for autonomous development.
  • Young Turks prosecuted

    By the order of Sultan Mahmed VI it was ordered that the First, Second and Third Military Tribunals prosecute criminally the leaders of the "Young Turks" and other implicated members of the government.
  • Armenian Massacres

    In the name of the the Supreme Allied Council, Georges Clemenceau declares at the Peace Conference that Turkey officially has accepted guilt for the Armenian massacres.