Armenian Genocide

  • First Killings

    250 Armenians, mostly community leads and highly intelectual individuals were arrested in Constantiople, sent to Ayash or Chankri and later executed.
  • More Arrests

    3,000 English or French civilians were arrested again in Constantiople.
  • House Searches

    House searches for the Armenian Genocide began in Aleppo
  • Deportations

    As well, deportations also began on this day, starting in the villages of the Erezum province.
  • Armenian Leaders killed

    200 Armenian Leaders arrested in Erezum.
  • Dead labeled Armenians

    Regular Russian Army forces arrive in Van. They begin the burning of the deceased in the city and in the villages of the province. 55,000 of the dead are identified as Armenians.
  • Blame

    A note is sent by the Allied Powers to the Turkish Cabinet accusingTurkey for the massacres of the Armenians.
  • Marash

    2,000 Armenians are deported from Marash.
  • Medical Officers

    Medical officers, Dr. Hairanian, Dr. Baghdasar Vartanian, and Dr. Maksud, serving in the Turkish Army are murdered in the city of Sivas. All three of those medical officers are Armenian.
  • Kemakh massacre

    25,000 Armenians are murdered by the fourth day of the Kemakh massacre. The 86th Cavalry Brigade with its officers and the 2nd Reserve Cavalry Division of the Turkish Army participate in the slaughter.
  • Public Execution

    Public executions commence in Sivas, where 12 Armenian community leaders were hanged.
  • Kicked Out

    The 30,000Trebizond citizens were instructed to leave the province within the next 5 days.
  • Sivas Men Gone

    The remaining men in Sivas were arrested.
  • Deportation

    A total of 48,000 Armenians have been deported by this time.
  • Arrival in Aleppo

    150K Deportees arrived in Aleppo.
  • New York Times

    New York Times reports one of the first articles of Armenia predicting a possible Genocide
  • More NYT

    The New York Times reports the murder of 350,000 Armenians.
  • Progress

    By this date 10,000 Armenian deportees had arrived at Afiyon-Karahisar, 50,000 had arrived at Konia (Konya), 10,000 had arrived at Intille (Intili), while 150,000 were reported at Katma.
  • Relief

    United States gathers 75K in profits for relief of deportees.
  • Deportees Murdered

    20K deportees in transit were murdered in Urfa.
  • Update of Deportees

    From Aleppo to Adana, there are currently 150K reported deportees in transit.
  • More Deportees

    Up to this date, 500,000 Armenian deportees are estimated to have passed through Bozanti.
  • Bye-bye, Preists!

    Issues were posted for the killing of any and all Armenian preists
  • Bye-bye, kiddos!

    Issues are posted for the children of Armenia to all be deported.
  • Intille Murders

    50K Armenians were murdered at Intille.
  • Seizure of Armenian Orphans

    Issues were posted to Seize Armenian orphans and lure them in with food to kill them.
  • New York Times

    The New York Times reports that German Catholics had placed the number of massacred Armenians at 1,000,000, and that they held England at fault for this great crime.
  • Turkification

    All Armenian orphans are given Turkish names.
  • Armenian Relief Days

    Woodrow Wilson proclaims this day and Oct. 9th in America to be "Armenian Relief Day".
  • Grand Vizier

    Talaat becomes the Grand Vizier of Turkey.
  • Turkification

    Turkey orders all citizens in the Urfa district to be turkified.
  • No more allies.

    Turkey breaks relations with the United States.
  • Occupation

    Jerusalum is occupied.
  • Germany refuses

    Enver orders all children over the age of five and Armenians in the Turkish military to be murdered within the next 2 days; Germany tries to prevent this from occuring.
  • Reoccupy

    Turkish forces occupy Van; 8 days later, occupy Kars.
  • Capture

    Allied forces capture Damascus. 7 days later; capture of the city of Beirut.
  • Armistice signed

    "An armistice is signed at Mudroa between Turkey and the Allies. The Armistice agreement makes provisions for the release of Armenian internees and the return of the Armenian deportees to their homes."
  • Flee

    Talaat, Enver, and Jemal all flee Turkey.
  • Armistice

    An armistice is declared between the Allies and the Central Powers.
  • Return home

    "Talaat, Enver, and Jemal are summoned by the Fifth Committee of the Turkish Parliament to appear for an inquiry within ten days."
  • Trials

    Trials begin in Constantiople.
  • Death to Kemal

    Kemal Bey, head of Yozgat, was sentenced to death by a military tribunal and is publicly hanged.
  • Gold, baby!

    "180,000 Turkish gold pounds are requisitioned from the Tejeddut Party."
  • Death Sentence

    Talaat, Enver, Djemal, and Dr. Nazim were all found guilty on trial of war crimes and sentenced to death in their absence.
  • They escape!

    "Halil Pasha and Kuchuk Talaat, both accused war criminals, escape from Constantinople to join Kemal's forces."
  • Armenia is Independent

    Allies recognize Armenia as an independent nation.
  • Recognition

    United States recognizes the Independent republic of Armenia
  • You thought!

    Some war crimes are acquited.
  • Finally!

    Talaat is assassinated in Berlin by the Armenian Student, Soghomon Tehlirian
  • Why?

    The trail of Tehlirian is held in Britain, where he is acquitted the next day.
  • Bye, Jemal!

    "Jemal Pasha, the former Minister of the Marine and the Fifth Army commander in Syria, is assassinated in Tiflis."
  • Lausanne Conference

    The first Lausanne Conference is convened. A little over five months later, the Conference meets again.
  • No more!

    The Ottoman Empire is officially gone.
  • Back to normal.

    The Republic of Turkey is proclaimed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly with Mustafa Kemal as its President.