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Russo-Turkish War

  • The First 'War'/'Conflict'.

    The First 'War'/'Conflict'.
    The Ottoman-Empire and the Russian Empire went to the war, after the Turks invaded Ukraine. This was ended by the Treaty of Radzin of 1681. The Ottoman Empire had to surrender to all claims of Ukrainian Territory (east of the Dnieper River) to Russia.
    (Simply Russia Won.)
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    Russo-Turkish War

    The Ottoman Empire fought with the neighboring European countries for many causes, such as religion, expansion, etc. Generally, it ended in 1878, but it really ended in 1941. The Start of the World War. This happened over the course of 236 years.
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    First Phase of the Russo-Turkish War

    First phase of this entire war.
  • The Second 'War'/'Conflict'

    Peter I of Russia, attacked the Turkish Fortress of Asov around the Sea of Asov, near the Black Sea. Ultimately, Peter I assembled the first naval army of Russia and conquered Asov. Even though the Russia's may have conquered Asov, the war/conflict ended with a truce in 1700.
  • Treaty of Karlowitz

    The Ottoman Empire was also in another war, known as the Austro-Turkish war of 1683-1699. The Treaty of Karlowitz ended the war. The ottomans lost in this war, and was weakened.
  • The Third 'War'/'Conflict'

    The Ottoman Empire fought Sweden & Russia during this time. It was ended by the Treaty of Pruth. Ultimately, Russia had to give up Asov and gave the Ottoman Empire free passage to Charles XII.
  • The Fourth 'War'/'Conflict'

    Russia and the Ottoman Empire fought briefly. No information says who won.
  • The Fifth 'War'/'Conflict'

    This is the end of the first phase of the war. It was between the Ottomans Empire and Austrians&Russians. Ultimately, Turkey won against Austria, gaining parts of Austria through the Treaty of Belgrade. Later, Russia and Turkey had to sign the Treaty of Nissa to end this war. Russia agreed to gain Asov and a part of the Black sea but also had to not have a naval fleet on the Black Sea.
  • The Sixth 'War'/'Conflict'

    Russia fought Ottomans, ultimately defeating their fleet and their army. The Treaty of Kuchuk-Kainardji of July 1774 ended the war. It granted Crimea independence. It also gave Moldavia and Wallachia territories to Turkey. Lastly it gave a part of the Black Sea to Russia.
  • Period: to

    Second Phase of the Entire War.

    Last Phase of this Entire War.
  • The Seventh 'War'/'Conflict'

    The Ottomans attempted to persuade Russia's Muslim Tatar population to revolt against Russian rule. The Treaty of Jassy of 1792 ended this. It awarded all lands east of the Dnieper River to Russia.
  • The Eighth 'War'/'Conflict'

    The French encouraged the Sultan Selim III to declare war on Russia. Lots of naval battles happened here, Russia winning most of them. This was ended by the Treaty of Bucharest of 1812. It gave the Ottomans control of Moldavia and Wallachia. Also it awarded the province of Bessarabia to Russia.
  • The Ninth 'War'/'Conflict'

    During this, the Russians won several victories. Here, the Treaty of Adrianople was signed in September 1829. It gave Russia control of the mouth of the Danube River and access to the Straits of Constantinople. It also gave Greece Independence.
  • The Tenth 'War'/'Conflict'

    This is the last war of this entire war. Here, the Russians in alliance with Romania, fought the Ottomans. The Ottomans lost, and agreed to the Treaty of San Stefano in March 1878, which ended the entire war. In August 24, 1878, the Treaty of San Stefano was revised at the Congress of Berlin.
  • World War I

    Russia and Turkey confronted during World War I. It ultimately resulted in the collapse of both empires.