Armenian genocide5


  • Period: to

    Start ---- Finish

  • Day 1

    A Turkish boycott of Armenian businesses is declared by the Ittihadists. Dr. Nazim travels throughout the provinces to implement the boycott.
  • WW1

    Germany declares war on Russia. Beginning of World War I.
  • Black out

    Censorship of all telegraphic communication is announced by the government.
  • A

    1,080 shops owned by Armenians are burned in the city of Diyarbekir.
  • b

    News reaches Constantinople about the demand made by the government of the Armenian population in Zeitun to turn in its weapons, including all types of knives.
  • C

    Nazaret Chavush, the most notable Armenian leader in Zeitun, is murdered on the order of Haidar Pasha, governor of Marash.
  • D

    Bands of chetes begin looting, violating women and children, and large-scale murdering in Erzerum Province
  • E

    A Proclamation of Jihad, directed against England, France, and Russia, is issued in Constantinople legitimating the formation of the chete organizations.
  • F

    Nuri, the vice-governor of Gavar District in Van Province, receives orders from the military governor to kill the Armenian soldiers in the Turkish Army who were stationed in his district.
  • The muffin man

    The Turkish government publicly charges that Armenian bakers in the army bakeries of Sivas were poisoning the bread of the Turkish forces. The bakers are cruelly beaten, despite the fact that a group of doctors prove the charge to be false by examining the bread and even eating it. As this marks an attempt on the part of the government to incite massacre, the government does not rescind the charge.
  • Shoot to kill

    Enver, now actively Minister of War again, issues a general order to shoot all persons resisting his orders.
  • G

    Tahir Jevdet, the governor-general of Van Province, is reported saying that the government must begin finishing the Armenians in Van at once.
  • H

    Armenian soldiers in the Erzerum army area are deprived of their uniforms and arms.
  • I

    4,750 Armenians are murdered in Jezire.
  • J

    Massacres of Armenians are carried out in Yozgat District.
  • M

    The New York Times reports the murder of 350,000 Armenians.
  • J

    Instructions are sent to prevent foreign officers from photographing dead Armenians.
  • K

    50,000 Armenian remnants are reported concentrated at Intille (Intili).
  • L

    50,000 Armenians are reported murdered at Intille (Intili).
  • N

    The New York Times reports that German Catholics had placed the number of massacred Armenians at 1,000,000, and that they held England at fault for this great crime.
  • Q

    Ernst E. Cristoffel, a German missionary in Malatia, who witnessed the massacres and deportations, estimates that 1,000,000 Armenians had been murdered.
  • O

    20,000 Armenians in the city of Aleppo are reported in extreme distress.
  • P

    In Aleppo District, 45,000 Armenian deportees are reported living in dire conditions. Of these, 10,000 were women, while the rest were mainly orphaned children.
  • R

    12,000 Armenian deportees are murdered in Buseira, near Der-el-Zor (Deir el-Zor).
  • S

    Allied forces occupy Jerusalem.
  • T

    Enver orders the killing of all civilian Armenians over five years of age and remaining Armenians in the Turkish military within 48 hours. The Germans attempt to stop the Turks from committing this massacre.
  • T

    The Turkish government announces that upon his return from the Peace Conference at Brest-Litovsk, Talaat will grant amnesty to the Armenians in Turkey. Practically, it is an empty gesture for the benefit of the Europeans, as most surviving Armenians were living outside of Turkey proper and those still left in Turkey were being systematically destroyed.
  • U

    Allied forces open a large-scale offensive on the Syrian Front, aided by an Armenian Legion recruited from Armenian colonies throughout the world
  • V

    Dr. Nazim takes with him to Germany 65,000 Turkish gold pounds and 600,000 Turkish gold pounds of valuation in jewelry from the so-called abandoned goods of the Armenians.
  • W

    A general Armistice is declared between the Allies and the Central Powers.
  • W

    Dr. Reshid, former governor-general of Diyarbekir Province and a major war criminal, commits suicide.
  • X

    The third session of the tribunal on the Ittihad Party reveals that the original Convention of the Ittihad had consisted of only 300 members.
  • Y

    The Allies formally recognize the independence of Armenia.
  • Z

    10,000 Armenians are massacred in Marash.
  • AA

    The United States of America officially recognizes the Independent Republic of Armenia
  • AB

    President Woodrow Wilson presents his delineation of the borders of Armenia. A week later Armenia is partitioned by Turkish Nationalist forces and Sovietized by Russian Bolsheviks.
  • AC

    The trial on the massacres in Mosul begins.
  • AD

    Tehlirian's trial is held in Berlin.
  • AE

    Said Halim is assassinated in Rome.
  • AF

    Jemal Azmi, the governor-general of Trebizond during the massacres, and Behaeddin Shakir are assassinated in Berlin.
  • AG

    The advance guard of the Turkish Army enters Smyrna and pillages Armenian and Greek homes and stores. Armenians and Greeks are killed in the thousands. Religious institutions, including the Armenian Prelacy in Smyrna, are ransacked.
  • AH

    The burning of Smyrna by the Turks. Within 24 hours, 50,000 houses, 24 churches, 28 schools, 5 consulates, 7 clubs, 5 banks, and an unknown number of stores and warehouses are destroyed.
  • AI

    The Republic of Turkey is proclaimed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly with Mustafa Kemal as its President.
  • AJ

    The Republic of Turkey is proclaimed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly with Mustafa Kemal as its President.