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  • Period: 300 to


  • 301

    Armenia 1

    Armenia 1
    The famous son of Anak, a Christian, healed the great Tiridates the 3rd after being seriously ill, thus influencing the power of Christianity and later persuading them to convert.
  • Jan 6, 642

    Armenia 2

    Armenia 2
    After Muhammads death, the muslim conquest was to set out and expand their territory. The arabs invaded Armenia, killed 12,000 and enslaved 35,000 Armenians
  • treaty of georgia and russia #1

    treaty  of georgia and russia #1
    in 1783 georgia signed a treaty with russia which recognized the bond between russian and georgian people.
  • georgia attacked #2

    georgia attacked #2
    despite the commitment to defend georgia, russia offered no assistance when the persians invaded in 1785 and in 1795
  • georgia attacked, again #3

    georgia attacked, again #3
    the second attack on georgia fromt he the persians. with still no back up from the russians.
  • annex of georgia #4

    annex of georgia #4
    finally after the war with the persians the area of georgia was annexed by russia in 1801
  • Armenia 3

    Armenia 3
    Leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire causing the Armenian genocide. This is a very important even on Armenian history because of the tragic loss of about 1.5 million people. To this day it is illegal in turkey to talk about what happened.
  • Armenia 4

    Armenia 4
    After World War 1, georgian empire took aland that was 75% Armenian territory to protect themselves from the advance of the Ottoman Empire. This caused many Conflictions between the two empires and caused the Georgia-Armenian War which lasted 24 days.
  • Armenia 5

    Armenia 5
    Armenia, needing more territory, raided the turkish caol mines in Oltu.This provoked the Turkish military and caused them to plan for action. The turkish military drove out the Armenians only to have the Armenian government declare war 4 days later, creating the Turksih-Armenian War
  • Kazakhstan 1

    Kazakhstan 1
    Unfortunately, I do not have the exact date. Although, The area known today as Kazakhstan, became an autonomous republic under Soviet rule.
  • georgia #5

    georgia #5
    however in 1921 geogia was occupied by the soviet union.
  • Armenia 6

    Armenia 6
    Many empires later, Armenia is finally joined up with the Soviet Union after being invaded by the Bolsheviks in 1920. Many Armenians Joined the Bolsheviks in the 11th Soviet Red Army
  • Armenia 7

    Armenia 7
    Armenia gains independence and becomes Armenian Republic due to them joining the Soviet Union. They are still a apart of this today.
  • geogias independence #6

    geogias independence #6
    in 1991 georgia gained independence from the soviet union or nay other country that was trying to control them.
  • Kazakhstan 2

    Kazakhstan 2
    Kazakhstan declared it's independance from the collapsing Soviet Union on December 16 1991. It was finalized on Dec 25 1991.
  • Kazakhstan 3

    Kazakhstan 3
    Oil was found on Kazakhstan's portion of the Caspien sea. Said to have been the biggest oil find in 30 years.
  • government of georgia #7

    government of georgia #7
    in 2003 georgias government introduced democratic and economic reforms.
  • Kazakhstan 4

    Kazakhstan 4
    On this day, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the republic of Kazakhstan declared August 29 as the International day against Nuclear Tests because of the testing that went on. It was very gruesome. Kazakhstan had destroyed the Semipalatisk Nuclear test site on the same day.
  • president of georgia #8

    president of georgia  #8
    president mikhail saakashvilli won a second term in 2008, he swept to power in the "rose revolution" in 2003, but lost control of parliment in 2012
  • Kazakhstan 5

    Kazakhstan 5
    In early April, the Prime Minister, Serik Akhmetov, had resigned from office. Karim Massimov became the new Prime Minister and appointed Akhmetov as the defense minister.