Armenian genocide1

Armenian Genocide

  • Period: to

    The start of the persecution of Armenians

    During this period, the Turks start to slowly set persecution on the Armenian people living in Turkey. They slowly start mistreating them.
  • Period: to

    The Hamidian Massacres

    During this period of time, between 100,000 to 300,000 Armenians have been killed by the Turkish government. These events where called the Hamidian Massacres.
  • Armenian political reform reaction

    Armenian political reform reaction
    The Sultan was angry about the Armenian political reforms. He did not approve it and thus responded by killing thousands. The Great Massacre of Constantinople has started. For two days, Armenians are killed in the streets of Constantinople.
  • Massacre in Sassan

    Massacre in Sassan
    7500 Armenians were killed by Turks
  • The new movement

    The new movement
    As the Armenians hope for equality to come through, a new movement known as the Young Turk Movement. They wanted to reform administration of the decadent state of the Ottoman Empire and modernize it to European standards. The Armenians were happy for this.
  • Adana Massacre

    Adana Massacre
    15,000–30,000 Armenians were killed.
  • The Young Turks in full power

    The Young Turks in full power
    In Turkey, the triumvirate of Enver, Talaat and Djemal Pasha are heads of the government.
  • The Armenian Reform project

    The Armenian Reform project
    Under the combined influence of Russia and Great Britain, the Turkish authorities sign the Armenian Reform Project and agree to take certain measures in favor of the Armenian population.
  • Plans for a new government

    Plans for a new government
    Candidates of the Young Turk's party win all seats in Parliamentary elections. They wanted to unite all of the Turkic peoples in the entire region while expanding the borders of Turkey eastward towards asia.
  • World War 1 begins

    World War 1 begins
    WW1 breaks out and the Armenians loyally participate in the war effort. The Armenians were said to be neutral because of the many living in Russia and fighting on the Russian side. This later raised concerns for Turkey. In conclusion, all Armenians were taken out of the Turkish army.
  • Extermination orders

    Extermination orders
    The young turks send a secret order to the local governments for the removal and extermination of Armenians in Turkey.
  • The Armenian Genocide begins

    The Armenian Genocide begins
    This is the day that marked the beginning of the genocide. On this day, 800 Armenian leaders, writers and intellectuals are arrested in Constantinople and murdered.
  • The start of the deportation

    The start of the deportation
    Turkish forces begin the process of removal and deportation of the Armenian population from villages in the vilayet of Erzerum.
  • Russian support

    Russian support
    Russian troops help out the Armenians as they invaded Turkey from the east.
  • armenians follow the Russians

    armenians follow the Russians
    As the Russian army was retreating back to Russia from Turkey, as many as 500,000 Armenians that fought along side with them fled Armenia with them.
  • Armenia a free country

    Armenia a free country
    The Armenian leaders declare their country the independent republic of Armenia. Armenia is now an independent republic.
  • Battle of Sardarabad

    Battle of Sardarabad
    Armenian victory against the Turkish forces.
  • Treaty of peace and friendship is signed

    Treaty of peace and friendship is signed
    In Batum, the Treaty of Peace and Friendship is signed between Ottoman Turkey and the Republic of Armenia, proclaiming, hollowly, peace and eternal friendship.
  • Flee of the Young Turks

    Flee of the Young Turks
    Just days before the end of WW1, the young turks,( Talaat, Enver, and Djemal), resigned from government and fled to Germany.
  • WW1 is over

    WW1 is over
    World War 1 comes to an end.
  • Request for young turks

    Request for young turks
    Requests were made by Turkey's new government to send the young turks back from Germany to face trial. Their requests were turned down.
  • Treaty of Sevres

    Treaty of Sevres
    The Treaty of Sevres was signed on August 10, 1920, by the Allied Powers, the Republic of Armenia and the new moderate leaders of Turkey. The treaty recognized an independent Armenian state.
  • Period: to

    The assassinations and deaths of the Young Turks

    Mehmed Talaat- assassinated on March 15, 1921 in Berlin.
    Djemal Pasha- assassinated July 21, 1922
    Enver Pasha- killed in action on August 4, 1922