Armenian genocide

Armenian Genocide

  • Armenians Seeking Refuge To The Red Army

    Armenians Seeking Refuge To The Red Army
    While the Armenian population of Van is fleeing to Russia because of the evacuation of the Russian army, the Turkish forces attack villages of the vilayet. They destroy 80 villages and slay 24,000 Armenians in the vilayet and city of Van. The Turks accuse the Armenians of collaboration with the Russian troops.
  • Period: to

    1915-1917 casualties

    Between 600,000 and 1.5 million Armenians are massacred or deported from their homeland in Anatolia to present day Syria.
  • Aremenian Genocide Begins

    Aremenian Genocide Begins
    The actual extermination orders were transmitted in coded telegrams to all provincial governors throughout Turkey. Armed roundups began on the evening of April 24, 1915.
  • The Round Up

    The Round Up
    On the night of April 24, 1915, the Ottoman government rounded up and imprisoned an estimated 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders.
  • England, France and Russia jointly warn the Turkish government

     England, France and Russia jointly warn the Turkish government
    The governments of England, France and Russia jointly warn the Turkish government publicly that "They will hold personally responsible all members of the Ottoman government and those of their agents who are implicated in such massacres".
  • Massacre In Kemkh

    Massacre In Kemkh
    25,000 Armenians are murdered by the fourth day of the Kemakh massacre. The 86th Cavalry Brigade with its officers and the 2nd Reserve Cavalry Division of the Turkish Army participate in the slaughter.
  • The Deportations

    The Deportations
    In Aleppo Province 200,000 Armenian deportees are reported in transit to the desert.
  • West learns about Armenian genocide

    West learns about Armenian genocide
    New York Times publishes stories about the genocide such as Armenians Are Sent to Perish in the Desert - Turks Accused of Plan to Exterminate Whole Population.
  • Numbers keep on Growing

    Numbers keep on Growing
    Up to this date, 500,000 Armenian deportees are estimated to have passed through Bozanti
  • Contributions for the suffering Armenians

    The United States Senate votes with the concurrence of the House of Representatives, to ask the President of the United States of America to set a special day when citizens of this country can help Armenians with financial support. President Wilson designates August 21 and August 22 for contributions for the suffering Armenians.
  • Russian Troops come

    Russian Troops come
    Relief for some Armenians came as Russian troops attacked along the Eastern Front and made their way into central Turkey
  • Fall Of The Ottoman Empire

    Fall Of The Ottoman Empire
    Armenian regions of the Ottoman Empire fall to the Russian army.
  • Armenians follow Russians

    Armenians follow Russians
    Armenians gathered together and withdrew with the Russians. As many as 500,000 Armenians came with them.
  • Too Late to Escape

    Too Late to Escape
    Before the Armenians were about to leave and seek refuge, the Turks found the Aremians establishing to leave, and about 100,000 of the Armenians were killed.
  • Discussing Time

    A large meeting takes place dedicated to repudiation of the mass murder of Armenians.
  • Fourteen Points

    Fourteen Points
    President Wilson's Declaration of Fourteen Points is published. The 12th Point extends promise to the Armenians of security of life and an unmolested opportunity for autonomous development.
  • Armenia emerges from defeat

    Armenia emerges from defeat
    Independent Armenia emerges from defeat of Ottoman Empire in World War I.
  • What Comes Around Goes Around

    What Comes Around Goes Around
    The Armenians were able to acquire weapons and fought hard and repelled back at the Turks.
  • The Independence of Armenia

    The Independence of Armenia
    Days after the victory at the battle of Sardarabad, the Armenian leaders declared their country the Independent Republic of Armenia.
  • The Numbers Hurt The Most

    The Numbers Hurt The Most
    Global estimates of the campaign of extermination, close to 1,500,000 Armenians dead.
  • Turks No More

    Turks No More
    By the order of Sultan Mahmed VI it was ordered that the First, Second and Third Military Tribunals prosecute criminally the leaders of the, Young Turks and other members of the government.
  • Armenia proclaiming

    Armenia proclaiming
    Armenia is invaded by Turkey and Bolshevik Russia. An agreement with the Bolsheviks leads to Armenia proclaiming itself a socialist republic.
  • All Sign

    All Sign
    The Treaty of Sevres, signed by Turkey, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Armenia, Belgium, Greece, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbian-Croatian-Slovenic Republic and Czechoslovakia, recognizes the Armenian Republic and ordains that the borders between Turkey and Armenia in the vilayets of Erzerum, Trebizond, Van and Bitlis be determined by President Wilson. According to the peace agreement, Turkey accepts its responsibility for the crimes against the Armenians during the war and undertakes