Armenia genocide

Armenia Genocide

  • Turks boycott Armenia businesses

    The turks annonce that they will be boycotting the Armenia businesses.
  • Ottoman Empire joins German forces during WW1

    The Ottoman Empire joined Germany against Russian to stop the Armenians that joined with them.
  • 1,000 Armenians' shops burned down

    Turks burn 1000 Armenian shops down in the city of Diyarbeki
  • Ottoman Empire at war with Russia

    Russia declares war against the Ottoman Empire.
  • Military Governor orders the death of Armenians soldiers in Turkey

    The Vice-governor of Gavar District in Van Province recieves orders to kill the Armenian soldiers in the Turkish army that were in his district.
  • Attempt to kill the Armenian leader

    The vice-governor of Mush orders his people to attack the village of Koms and to kill the Armenian Dashnak leader Rupen and anybody with him. Rupen and his friends resist and eventually escape to the Caucasus.
  • Turks round up Armenians across border and kills them

    Once the Turks rounded up all the men that were of age to join the milatary they marched them to a location and murdered them. The remaining Armenians were put into a desert to starve and dehydrate.
  • Armenian leaders are arrested

    Thirty Armenian community leaders are arrested in Zeitun
  • Beatings and tortures occur.

    Mass beatings and tortures are brought upon the Armenians in Chomaklu.
  • More leaders arrested

    Many armenian political leaders are arrested and carried out in Sivas and other places.
  • Armenians disarmed

    The Armenians in Constantinople are disarmed and sends out many outrages.
  • Young Turks announce new policy

    The New York Times creates an article that states that the Young Turks had adopted a policy to annihilate all of the Armenians.
  • 300 Armenians are murdered while in custody

    300 Armenians arrested from earlier on in Diyarbekir are murdered while in custody of the Turks.
  • Major massacre of Armenians start

    The Armenians deported from the towns and villages of Erzerum Province are slaughtered in a major massacre at Kemakh which will be going on for a period of four days.
  • Henry talks to leader of Turks to stop killings

    Henry talked to Mehmet Talaat, the leader of the Young Turks, to try and convince him to stop the killings of his people with no sucess because the leader felt that the Armenians were their problem that needed to be fixed.
  • Henry Morgenthau writes to America about killings

    Henry Morgenthau wrote to America about the Turks killing the Armenian women and men and received little to none help.
  • 1,000 families flee

    Up to now 1,000 families have fled for in fear of being murdered.
  • 3,000 massacred in Mardin

    About 3,000 Armenian men are killed in another mass murder in Mardin.
  • Another massacre begins in Mush

    The beginning of a four day massacre in Mush is announced.
  • Dead bodies float down Euphrates river

    A commander in the Fourth Army Corps complains to the government leader about the dumping of dead bodies in the Euphrates River and advises burial. Between June 22 and July 17 a steady stream of bodies of massacred Armenians floats down the Euphrates River.
  • Deportation of Armenians

    Armenians in towns are deported away to be murdred in Aintab, Kilis, and Adiaman.
  • Morgenthau leaves

    Henry leaves the country because he couldn't stop the horrible deaths of the Amrenians and it made the place unbearable.
  • Period: to

    The arresting and killings of Armenians occur.

    The death of many Armenians occur due to the hatred of the Turks while locked away in prision and deported to different places.
  • 1 million Armenians die at end of WW1

    Out of the 2 million Armenians that lived in the Ottoman Empire 1 million were murdered and the action was then considered genocidal.