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genocides in 20th century

  • Congo Genocide

    Congo Genocide
    King leapold the second ordered that 8,000,000 slaves have their hands cut off because they could not produce a certain amount of rubber for Belgium. Millions of slaves had their hands cut off and more died due to an extermination campaign led by the belgium solders.
  • Period: to

    20th century genocides

  • Armenian genocide

    Armenian genocide
    The armenian genocide was planned by the government to eradicate all armenians in the ottoman empire, it was carried out during ww1, the armenian people were subjected to massive deportation, expropriation, torture, massacre, and starvation. Many armenians were moved to syria and forced to die in the desert.
  • josef stalin

    josef stalin
    23,000,000 died from ukrain farm purges, political prisoning and deportations. Stalin starved thousands of ukranian farmers by making it impossible to leave the ukraine, they were forced to surrender their excess food and if they were not able to meet the qoata they were forced to surrender cattle.
  • the Holocaust

    the Holocaust
    Hitler took power and killed 12,000,000 jewish people, black people, pootical prisoners, handicapped and non "aryan" people in concentration camps. Hitler laid out a plan where the jewesh population would be worked to death until they could no longer live and then be sent to gas chambers where they would be killed in a matter of seconds. Rail Roads were established to transport victims faster to the concentration camps.
  • Nanking

    Hideaki Tojo ordered the killing of 5,000,000 chinese people during the assult on nanking and raped and murdered innocent civilians during world war2. Live bayonet practise and the mutilitaion of pregnant woman was promoted. Pictures were taken to record the genocide. The japanese government to this day denies the genocide ever happened
  • North Korean Genocide

    North Korean Genocide
    Many political enemies were sentenced to work in camps and forced to hard labour, many died of starvation. 1.6 million people died of starvation, disease and malnutrition in concentration camps.
  • Mao zedong

    Mao zedong
    49-78,000,000 died from famine and political executions, Mao zedong ordered the Great Leap Forward and starved millions of people because everyone was forced to work in factories and no one was producing food. During the cultural revolution thousands of red gaurd youths were taught to disobey the established rules and customs of the past, many intellectuals were questioned and some brutally beaten and murdered.
  • cambodian genocide

    cambodian genocide
    The khmer rouge forced the liquidation of all cities and worked 1,700,000 people to death or starved them to death. Execution of political criminals and enemies of the party were often, many were tortured. The khmer rouge leader Pol Pot ordered the immediate execution of all intellectuals and religious leaders. Pol Pot wanted a complete egrarien based society.
  • Ethopian genocide

    Ethopian genocide
    1,500,000 people were killed, many were driven into churches and burned down with the churches. Hundreds were arrestes and deported outside addis abba and massacred en masse. Woman were subjected to systematic rape by soldiers.
  • Rwandan genocide

    Rwandan genocide
    Under the cover of war, Hutu extremists launched their plans to destroy the entire Tutsi civilian population, thousands of woman were brutally and systematically raped, The hutu interhamwe militia used machetes to kill thousands of tutsis in kigali and burned down churches, they promoted the extermination of the tutsis on the radio.
  • Genocide in Darfur

    Genocide in Darfur
    Since February 2003, the Sudanese government in Khartoum and the government-sponsored Janjaweed militia have used rape, displacement, organized starvation, threats against aid workers and mass murder. Violence, disease, and displacement continue to kill thousands of innocent Darfurians every month
  • Bosnian Genocide

    Bosnian Genocide
    7,500 bosnian muslms were killed by servian forces, thousands of woman were raped and used as sex slaves. Bosnian muslims were sent to secret places and killed en masse. The united nations established "safe zones" to protect bosnian muslims, but the serbian forces went into these zones and killed the bosnian muslims. The serbian forces set up concentration camps in order to hold the bosnian population inside