Turkish History

  • 100

    23,000 B.C A cave at Karain is inhabited by humans

  • 100

    6500 B.C A neolithic city is established at Catalhoyuk in central Anatolia

  • 100

    5000 B.C People have been living in Anatolia for 20,000 years

  • 132

    1260 B.C The trojan wars described by homer in the lliad

  • 150

    1900 B.C The Proto-Hittite empire flourishes in Central Anatolia

  • 174

    1300 B.C The Hittite empire flourishes, battles egypt

  • 330

    Constantine founds Constantinople

  • 537

    Inaguration of Haghia Sophia church in Istanbul by the Emperor Justinian

  • Period: 570 to Nov 19, 622

    Birth of muhammed. Revelation of the kur'an. Muhammed's hejira from meca to medina

  • Period: Nov 19, 1037 to Nov 19, 1109

    Turkish Empire of the Great Seljuks in Iran

  • Period: Nov 19, 1071 to Nov 19, 1243

    Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, an offshoot of the Great Seljuk empire, established in Anatolia with its capital in Konya. Mystic poet and philosopher Jelaleddin Rumi, called Mevlana, takes up residence in Konya, writes his great works, and inspires the founding

  • Nov 19, 1288

    Osman founds the Ottoman Empire

  • Nov 19, 1299

    The Ottoman state is formed by Osman Bey

  • Nov 19, 1453

    Sultan Mehmed II conquers Constantinople and extends Ottoman Control

  • Nov 19, 1453

    Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquers istanbul, bringing the byzantne age to an end

  • Nov 19, 1520

    Sultan Suleyman I expands the empire and builds mosques

  • Ottomans occupy the region after WWI

  • Ottoman Empire enters WWI on the german side

  • Constantinople is officially renamed Istanbul

  • Mustafa Kemal becomes president of the Republic after a rebellion

  • Bosphorus Bridge opens linking Europe and Asia

  • Turkey invades Cyprus

  • A new constitution adopted after a military takeover

  • The government and a sepratists Kurdish group battle. 30,000 killed

  • Two earthquakes in northern Turkey kills more than 17,000 people

  • A new currency called lira is introduced

  • Turkey begins membership talks to join the European Union

  • Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk recives the Nobel Peace Prize

  • World Indorr Championships in Istanbul, Turkey

  • World Basketball Championships in Istanbul, Turkey