The Armenian Genocide - Francesko Ymeri

  • Shops Burned in Armenia

    Shops Burned in Armenia
    1,080 shops owned by Armenians are burned in the city of Diyarbekir.
  • Period: to

    The Armenian Genocide

  • Turkey and Russia

    Turkey and Russia
    Hostilities are opened between Turkey and Russia with the shelling of the Russian Black Sea coast by Ottoman naval vessels under German command.
  • Constatinople

    Orders are issued from Constantinople instructing the provincial administrators to oust all Armenian functionaries in the service of the Ottoman government.
  • Isolated Murders

    The beginning of a series of isolated murders to terrorize the Armenian population.
  • Fleeing

    Turkish and Kurdish chetes (Halil Pasha's "First Corps") attack Armenian and Assyrian villages in northwest Persia. They remain around the city of Tavriz (Tabriz) and the city of Urmia from January 8 until January 29, 1915. From Urmia alone, more than 18,000 Armenians, together with many Assyrians and even Persian Muslims, flee to the Caucasus.
  • Resisting

    Enver, now actively Minister of War again, issues a general order to shoot all persons resisting his orders.
  • Mass Arrest

    Mass Arrest
    A search for weapons is conducted in Iskenderun (Alexandretta) and a mass arrest of Armenians carried out.
  • Three Days

    Three Days
    Armenian refugees from villages surrounding the city of Van arrive and notify the inhabitants that 80 villages in Van Province were already obliterated and that 24,000 Armenians had been killed in three days.
  • Deportation

    The Armenian refugees from Zeitun found in Marash, who had previously been spared deportation, are removed to the Syrian Desert.
  • Cremation

    Regular Russian Army forces arrive in Van. They begin the cremation of the dead in the city and in the villages of the province. 55,000 dead are identified as Armenians.
  • Syrian Desert

    Syrian Desert
    The first convoy of Armenian deportees leave Erzinjan toward Kemakh on their way to the Syrian Desert.
  • Defending

    8,500 Armenians withdraw into the ruined castle of Shabin-Karahisar to defend themselves against the Turks.
  • Large-Scale Massacres

    Large-Scale Massacres
    First large-scale massacre of Armenian men is carried out in the town of Kharput.
  • Labor Corps

    Labor Corps
    In Diyarbekir 2,000 Armenian soldiers working in labor corps are killed.
  • Arrested and Killed

    Arrested and Killed
    A mass arrest of Armenians in the city of Angora is carried out. Those arrested are slain the next day at a place six hours distance from the city of Angora.
  • Deportees in Thousands

    Deportees in Thousands
    4,500 Armenian deportees from Seghert and 2,000 deportees from Mezre arrive near Aleppo.
  • 120,000

    he governor-general of Diyarbekir Province, Dr. Reshid, reports to the Interior Ministry that more than 120,000 Armenians have been deported from Diyarbekir Province.
  • Relief

    $75,000 is collected in the United States for relief for the Armenian deportees.
  • 20,000 killed

    20,000 killed
    20,000 Armenian deportees are reported in Konia (Konya) on this date.
  • Pressure The Germans

    Pressure The Germans
    The Anglican and the Orthodox Churches ask U.S. President Woodrow Wilson to pressure the German government to intervene with the Turkish government to stop the massacre of the Armenians.
  • 180,000 in Dire Conditions

    180,000 in Dire Conditions
    180,000 Armenian refugees from Turkey who had reached Tiflis (Tbilisi) are reported to be in dire conditions.