Armenian Genocide

  • turkish boycott

    turkish boycott
    A Turkish boycott of Armenian businesses is declared by the Ittihadists. Dr. Nazim travels throughout the provinces to implement the boycott.
  • negotiations between turkish and german

    negotiations between turkish and german
    Negotiations are started between the Turkish and German Imperial governments.
  • world war I begins

    world war I begins
    Germany declares war on Russia. Beginning of World War I.
  • secret alliance

    secret alliance
    A secret treaty of alliance is signed between Turkey and Germany virtually placing the Turkish armed forces under German command.
  • amemenian shops are burned

    amemenian shops are burned
    1,080 shops owned by Armenians are burned in the city of Diyarbekir.
  • armenians tellng them to calm down

    The Armenian National Assembly of civil and religious representatives, meets and advises Armenians in the provinces to remain calm in the face of provocation.
  • russia declares war on ottoman empire

    Russia formally declares war against the Ottoman Empire.
  • unfounded accusations launched

    Unfounded accusations are launched against the Armenians that they had revolted and were preparing to join the Russian forces.
  • terroizing the armenians

    Mass executions of Armenian soldiers in the Turkish army takes place in various public squares for the purpose of terrorizing the Armenians
  • beginning of murders

    The beginning of a series of isolated murders to terrorize the Armenian population
  • british attack the Dardanelles

    The British decide to attack the Dardanelles.
  • turkish govnt forbids american ambassador to send coded messeges to the american consuls

    The Turkish government forbids American Ambassador Henry Morgenthau to send coded messages to the American consuls and deprives him of his diplomatic prerogative of receiving communications uncensored.
  • house searches

    House searches are made in Diyarbekir and widespread persecution takes place.
  • armenians hung with no trial

    Three Armenians are hanged publicly in Mush without trial.
  • russian citizens got arrested

    Russian citizens of Armenian origin are arrested in Constantinople.
  • NYT reports young turks adopted policy

    The New York Times reports that the Young Turks had adopted a policy to annihilate the Armenians.
  • 18 armenians hung

    Eighteen Armenians are publicly hanged in the town of Everek near Kayseri.
  • treason

    The Turkish Embassy in Washington accuses the Armenians of treason against the Ottoman state.
  • deportation of children

    A circular telegram is sent ordering the deportation of Armenian children
  • killing of priest

    Orders are issued for the killing of Armenian priests
  • destruction of orphans

    A circular telegram orders the destruction of orphans
  • forced to be islam

    A few Armenian soldiers in Turkish Army in Aleppo are forcibly converted to Islam
  • armenians

    The Armenians working in labor corps in Sivas are instructed to convert to Islam. At least 95% refuse
  • turkish names given

    The government orders all Armenian orphans to be given Turkish names
  • turkish govt

    The Turkish government confiscates by a provisional law all the real estate of the Armenians.
  • 13th session held

    The thirteenth session of the trial on the Trebizond massacres is held.
  • 18th session held

    The eighteenth session of the trial on the Trebizond massacres is held.
  • first anniversary

    On the first anniversary of independence, the Republic of Armenia declares the unification of Caucasian and Turkish Armenia.
  • massacre begins

    The trial on the Kharput massacres begins. Halil Pasha is heard as a witness. Evidence is introduced revealing that Behaeddin Shakir used two separate ciphers, one for use with the Sublime Porte, the other for use with the War Ministry.
  • amrenia independece is known by Uited States

    The United States of America officially recognizes the Independent Republic of Armenia.
  • woodrow confrence with san remo

    United States President Woodrow Wilson receives an invitation from the San Remo Conference to determine the borders of Armenia.
  • mascre by turkish forces

    Of 10,000 Armenians living in Hadjin (Hajen), only 480 survive a massacre by Turkish Nationalist forces
  • massacre in moscul begins

    The trial on the massacres in Mosul begins.
  • halim is assinated

    Said Halim is assassinated in Rome
  • anarchy spreads

    Anarchy spreads in Smyrna as the Turks press in on the city.
  • burning of smytna

    The burning of Smyrna by the Turks. Within 24 hours, 50,000 houses, 24 churches, 28 schools, 5 consulates, 7 clubs, 5 banks, and an unknown number of stores and warehouses are destroyed.
  • first lausanna

    The first Lausanne Conference is convened.
  • second lausanne

    The second Lausanne Conference is convened.
  • ottoman empire extincts

    The Ottoman Empire goes out of existence.
  • week before invation of poland

    While addressing his military commanders at Obersalzburg, a week before the invasion of Poland, and the start of World War II, Adolph Hitler speaks of his orders "to kill without pity or mercy all men, women, and children of Polish race or language," and concludes his remarks by saying: "WHO STILL TALKS NOWADAYS OF THE EXTERMINATION OF THE ARMENIANS?"