Armenian genocide

Women & Children During The Armenian Genocide

By npate
  • Armenian Schools

    Armenian Schools
    Turkish troops are garrisoned in Armenian schools & churches in the Sivas Province.
  • Armenian Villages

    Armenian Villages
    Many Armenian villages in the Sivas Province are subject to raping, looting, & killing
  • The Armenian Genocide Begins

    The Armenian Genocide Begins
    Preview of the Armenian GenocideThe leaders of the Armenian communities in Ottoman Turkey were rounded up and massacred. This marked the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.
  • Perpetrators of the Genocide

    Perpetrators of the Genocide
    The group known as the "Young Turks" overthrew the Ottomsn government and were responsible for the death of millions of Armenians.
  • Women Are Abused

    Women Are Abused
    A two week long search for weapons is started accompanied by acts of violence & abuse of women.
  • Deportation

    160 families are deported from the city of Erzinjan.
  • Floating Bodies

    Floating Bodies
    June 22 to July 17: Massacred Armenians float down the Eurphrates River.
  • Armenian Schools Seized

    Armenian Schools Seized
    A circular telegram authorizes the seizure of all Armenian schools.
  • Women & Children Deported

    Women & Children Deported
    The Interior Ministry by circular telegram orders the deportation of all Armenian women, children, and sick.
  • Armenian Orphans

    Armenian Orphans
    600 Armenian orphans are Turkified in Herek
  • Orphanages

    The Interior Ministry advises against the need of opening orphanages and prolonging the life of Armenian children.
  • Armenian Marriage Forbidden

    Armenian Marriage Forbidden
    Orders are issued forbidding marriage with Armenian women. (They were often sold instead)
  • Deportation of Children

    Deportation of Children
    Orders are issued for the deportation of all children except those who did not remember their parents.
  • Orphan Children "Destructed"

    Orphan Children "Destructed"
    A circular telegram orders the destruction of orphans.
  • Deported To Deserts

    Deported To Deserts
  • Women & Children Handed Over To Kurds

    Women & Children Handed Over To Kurds
    The vice-governor of Aintab District informs the governor-general of Aleppo Province that the Armenian women and children have been handed over to Kurds.
  • Pretense Kindness

    Pretense Kindness
    Instructions are sent to seize the Armenian orphans with the pretext of giving them food and to kill them. (In the picture: a turkish soldie is teasing children with food)
  • Orphans Given Turkish Names

    Orphans Given Turkish Names
    The government orders all Armenian orphans to be given Turkish names.
  • Euphrates River

    Euphrates River
    Deir Zoir's police chief ordered some 2000 Armenian orphans bund at the hands and feet to be carried to the banks of the Euphrates River.
  • Bad Living Conditions

    Bad Living Conditions
    In Aleppo District, 45,000 Armenian deportees are reported living in dire conditions. Of these, 10,000 were women, while the rest were mainly orphaned children.
  • The First Lausanne Conference Is Convened.

    The First Lausanne Conference Is Convened.
    The genocide is just about over with only about 388,000 Armenians remaining in the Ottoman Empire.
  • 100th Anniversary

    100th Anniversary
  • Armenian Genocide Memorial

    Armenian Genocide Memorial
  • Turkey Denies Armenian Genocide

    Turkey Denies Armenian Genocide
    Turkey Prime Minister From the start of the Armenian Genocide to today the Turks continue tp deny the Armenian Genocide and their role in it. They tried to cover it up and "erase" it from everyones minds. They even made a law banning anyone in Turley to speak or write about it.