Assignment 3

By Scholes
  • Period: to

    Assignment 3

  • TImetoast

    Creating a Timetoast account which then enables us to edit it with all of our planning in each week.
  • Questionnaires

    Producing the questionnaires which will be answered by the public. Then asking someone to check them to see if they okay.
  • Logo and Ideas

    Created a logo for our business and then we designed some ideas drawing them and annotating them so we know about the design shape and styles of them
  • Posters and Leaflets

    We designed our posters and leaflets and wrote a list of what had to be in or on both items
  • Produce Leaflts and Posters

    Started to produce our leaflets and posters
  • Internet Research

  • Questionnaires

    Filled in 25 questionnaires with members of the public
  • Internet Research

  • Questionnaires

    filled in the other 25 questionnaires so have a total of 50 questionnairs filled in by the public
  • Organisation

    We organised all our work out and worked out how much and what we need to do until we have finished
  • Results

    Organised all the results from the questionnaires and prodced charts

    Finalising leaflet design and putting together
  • Presnetation

    Gathering information together and selecting what we need and then putting the powerpoint presentation togther