AS Media Blog

  • Given AS Media Brief

    The teacher has given me my AS Media Brief.
  • Period: to

    AS Media Cousework

  • Deadline For creating Timeline

  • Case Studies

    My case studies should be handed in by 29th September.
  • Completed College Magazine

    This is the LSC magazine where I will produce a front cover page and a contents page.
  • Audience Feedback and Evaluation

    This task requires me to ask the audience about my magazine and to gather audience comments. I will then create an evaluation of the good points, improvements I need to make and 3 key development points.
  • Magazine Newstand Task

    Write up findings of different music magazines from a newstand on my blog. Also research other magazine distribution methods.
  • Drafting and finalizing house stles drafts and layouts

  • Audience Research Task

    Evaluate audience feedback from the pitch from focus groups.
  • Photography

    Call sheet needs to be completed. This is information of models locations costumes and props.
  • Desk top Publishing and editing my music magazine

    The front cover, contents page and DPS needs to be completed and uploaded to my blog.
  • Audience research Main Task

    All audience feedback of music magazine needs to be completed
  • Planning Evaluation

    The evaluation plan needs to be completed
  • Creating The Evaluation

    Complete real evaluation with answers to questions needs to be uploaded to my blog.
  • All Media Coursework Completed

    All foundation portfolio work must be completed and uploaded to my blog for submission to the exam board.