Ap Calculus

  • Integration Review

    Integration Review
    I the most trouble i will have will be some of the trig integrals like the integrals of arcsin, arctan, and arcsec. Also the baic integrals of csc, cot, and sec used to give me some trouble but by looking over them lately they seem more familiar.
  • Period: to

    Ap Calculus Review

  • Differential Equations

    Differential Equations
    I also thought i did well today. Graphing slope fields is easy and eulers method is also pretty easy to understand if you know what you are supposed to be doing.
  • Infinite Series

    Infinite Series
    Today we looked over infinite series. Remebering the tests to determone convergence and divergence were easy as i was looking over the paper with the chart on it a couple of days before because i know i wasnt the best at it.
  • Free Response Part 2

    Our secind day of free response went well we got everything done in a good amount of time. Some of the questions needed some work but we got it all done.
  • Multiple choice Pt 1

    Multiple choice Pt 1
    Working in my group I thought that the multiple choice was pretty easy. Although there were some we didnt understand completely we were eventually able to get to the correct answer.
  • Free Response Practice

    Good practice today did not go as well as it should have we have a few things to review and now we know them. Looking at L'Hopitals rule we need to remember its uses.
  • Advanced Integration

    This topic was definitely made easier knowing that trig substituition would not be on the ap. However it is great to know for the future.
  • Rotations

    Today we reviewed volume of roations. Shell was easy to remember after we reviewed it and all of the other rotations are also easy as long has you have your representative rectangles
  • Review of Test

    Reviewing the take home test in class i realize i could have done much better. also we as a group made silly mistakes on the in class one.
  • Test Corrections

    Looking over the THT i realize i made alot of stupid mistakes that could have been fixed if i read the question better or taken more time.
  • Last day before

    Went for a relaxing walk where we talked about "Serial Mom".
  • Test

    Today went great it was much easier than I thought it would be. The practice exams really helped.