All Quiet On The Western Front Secondary Character Timeline

By kshan
  • Enlisted in war

    Enlisted in war
    Today I enlisted. It felt good, partly just to get the teachers of our back, rattling on about the duty to our country, and the actual great feeling about doing something using guns rather than bookwork and such called learning
  • Started training

    Started training
    We started training today, Paul and all the others seem to be struggling, but not me. I bet they are jealous, give me a few nasty looks if it werent for the corporals standing watch constantly.
  • Kemmrich dies

    Kemmrich dies
    Kemmrich dies I know its sad and I should be mourning or something of that sort, but I just climed his boots. What is wrong with me? I dont know what I have become, I just don't feel what I thought I would.
  • Fell sick

    Fell sick
    I fell seriously sick for the first time since I enrolled. It was unpleasant at the least. The worst part is the rotting, half-dead bodies or if your unlucky enough corpses lying in a stinking mess all around you. If it werent for the others visiting me and those well enough to still breathe keeping me in high spirits and never leaving me lonely or bored, I would never had made it out of there.
  • Rained out, stuck in trenches.

    Rained out, stuck in trenches.
    We've been stuck in trenches from days on end. We had little food at the best of times, Pual and a few others including Kt had some stored bits of canned goods, we were lucky enough to collect water if it rained enough, the others who began to get so hungry they became desperate from hunger, they would run across the trenches but most fell in a crumpled mes from heavy gunfire after a matter of merre seconds. This is torture.
  • Old schoolmate found dead

    Old schoolmate found dead
    Oh the lord. An old schoolmate of ours was found lying in the mud. IF it werent for Kat thinking ahead enough to check the lying bodies, either in the hope we might be able to carry those still marginly alive to the hospital, or collecting the food and valuables from the dead. We found him, the most quiet, gentle, perhaps too getnle, friend of ours from school, twisted and dead. Although, it's just another one, I dont know why he should be so specil, many man have fallen for the country.
  • Father dies of cancer

    Father dies of cancer
    Moter wrote to me, the letter was written lmost a month ago, so I guess it got here pretty quick in terms of war delivry time, if there is such a thing. Anyway father is dead. Most boys talk about how glad there fathers will be when they return home, and how happy he will be for them. Their fathers will never be harsh on them again and they will be honored as a hero and finally recognised as a man in their own right. That will never be posiible for me though, father has died of cancer.
  • Got promoted

    Got promoted
    I takes a lot for a man o get promoted. The fellows say I just got lucky. But they don''t know I've been training at night and in dawn while their in beds snoring their heads offf. Well only the fittest survive they say...
  • War ends

    War ends
    The war has ended. Not quite sure how, but there is a cease fire. Guess we get to go home. Not really sure what to think. Everything is just numbness.
  • Arrive home

    Arrive home
    I am home. I don't think anybody recognises me, I sure don't. My friends are dead, my soul is dead. Where do I go from now, the war interrupted the most vulnerable part of our lives, from the transition through education to jobs and careers, to families and our whole livelyhoods.What do I do? Where do I go?