All About Me

By Amira.N
  • I was born..

    I was born with a disease which whenever someone touched me I turn yellow, but not yellow like the show "The Simpson" its more like a transparent yellow. I stayed at the hospital and my parents were having a hard time...
  • My Incident...

    I remembered where I chased someone, when I was a baby. But I wasn't walking though. I chased him/her and suddenly I hit the wall on my forehead, it hurts. But I don't remember what happened next but my mom told me... That my grandma (On my mom side) but on coffee on my forehead. I don't even know why
  • My Birthday.

    During my birthday, I got cake with 1 candle. They sang happy birthday and when their done I wasn't blow the candle, I went to lick the tiny fire from the candle but my Dad stops me. I've got loads of cloths for my present..
  • My sister...

    My sister was born on 8 September 2001, I think nothing happens to her, its just normal... No diseases.
  • Moving

    I moved to China, Beijing when I was around 4 years old. We had to moved to Beijing because of my Mom's work, my mom worked at Wisma Putra and they offered her to go to Beijing. Where I had stayed is somewhere for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia
  • School

    When I was 5 years old I went to school at Beijing, its called Yew Chung International School of Beijing, for short YCIS. When I started school, I can't even speak English but my dad can. Its quite suprising... Also when I started school, I got a friend called Sally. She is korean, she is also very friendly. I was very quiet at school, I only talk to the person who talks to me.
  • My Birthday

    I had my birthday at the Bowling area called Lido, it was totally awesome. I played bowling and eat ICE-CREAM CAKE! Also there this one of my Mom's friend made Lasagna, it was my first try... Sometimes I am afriad of eating something that I hadn't eat before but for Lasagna I want to try it because of Garfield that is why I tried the lasagna. It was so delicious. And My birthday present is cloths... Which is disappointing T___T its okay...
  • Amisha's 8th Birthday

    Amisha's 8th Birthday
    Before we need to go back to Malaysia, we have to celebrate early for my sister's birthday, since my sister begs my mom too. And the party was fun, I'm jealous...
  • Going back to Malaysia

    Going back to Malaysia
    Since my mom worked at Wisma Putra, where you could go out station somewhere then has to come back to Malaysia, since you don't need to go there anymore cause you're done with the business there.
  • The Lost X-box

    Yes, we lost our most lovable X-box. Its my brother's though. It was his birthday present. But after we came back to malaysia, and stayed there at KL hotel, that is where we lost it. My brother never trusted KL anymore, yes, he is mad.
  • Nexus International School

    Nexus International School
    Nexus was quite new when I came in, I was in Year 5. There were only 3 girls including me and lots of boys. I was surprised a little, and also a lot nervous when I was there
  • At Sun-way

    At Sun-way
    I love Sunway. Best day of my life. Hope I could go there again
  • Going to Bukit Broga

    Going to Bukit Broga
    It was a fun journey, when I'm around almost the top it was so cold! But I love it, cause I was sweating. And when I get down, I found a ice-cream stand, so I told my mom to buy me one
  • ICity

    During the Night, my mom's friend invited us to go to ICity. At first I thought that were going somewhere called I.C.T. ICity is so colorful and beautiful. But its hot!