Age of Exploration timeline

  • Jun 1, 1524

    Verazzano, discovers new york harbor

    Verrazzano, sailing for france discovers new york harbor
  • Apr 15, 1534

    Jacques Cartier navigated the St. Lawrence river

    Frenhman Jacques Cartier Nacigate the st. Lawrence river names an island along the river Montreal
  • Samuel de Champlain founds the colony of quebec

    Samuel de Champlain founds the colony of quebec
  • Henry Hudson claims New Netherlands

    Henry Hudson, exploring for the netherlands, claims New Netherlands
  • Smallpox

    Smallpox brought by europeans kill off many native americans on the new england coast
  • Plymouth, Massachusetts is founded

    Pilgrims from england found an english colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts
  • The Duke of york attacks the dutch in new netherland

    The Duke of york claims the colony for england and renames it New York,
  • King Philip's War began in the Colonial villages

    King philipp's war begins in colonial villages of massachsetts between colonists and native americans
  • Sieur explores the lower mississippi

    Sieur de la salle explores the lower mississippi river and claims the valley for fance and names it louisiana
  • French & Indian war

    War between british and french, known as the french and indian war. The war was fought over claims dispute in ohioh valley