Abu Bakr

By evaf13
  • Abu was Born

    There is not enough information to say exactly when Abu was born, but we knnow that it was around 573.
  • Became succeser to Muhammad

    Abu was Muhammad's father-in-law and once Muhammad died, Abu took his place as the caliph. In 632. He ruled from 632-634.
  • Time as Caliph

    Time as Caliph
    For most of his time as caliph, Abu Bakr dealt with the ridda. The ridda were political and religious uprisings that followed the death of Muhammad in territories his armies had conquered. Leaders of the ridda refused to pay taxes to the Islamic government. Some leaders claimed to be prophets themselves. Muslim troops defeated the leaders of the ridda. But Abu Bakr showed mercy, and many of these leaders accepted Islam.
  • Time as Caliph

    During his 2 year region, he used military force to reuntie the Mulim community.
  • Abu Bakr Dies

    Abu Bakr Dies
    Abu Bakr passes away in 678