a2 Music video time management

  • end of research and planning

    by now we should have a clear idea of what we will be doing in our music video.
  • Period: to

    Research and planning

  • Filming

    This is the first initial date set in which we hope to film- weather peritting. We will have to take into account our risk assessment and how to prevent the risks. we have decided to film the performance element on this date
  • Period: to

    Music video coursework

  • Filming day 2

    this is the initial 2nd day for filming, depending on the weather and if all our actors can make it. On this date, we aim to film the car journey and events occuring outside of the perforance.
  • filming day 3

    this is another filming day we have orginised. we have found out, we are only able to film on sundays to get the best use of the light as Amy and Grace both work on saturdays.
  • editing week 1

    we will start the editing journey of putting the clips we have filmed to the music chosen. This process will take a long time and could be very tedious.
  • reserve filming date

    this date has been set aside in case we have areas which we have not fulfilled in the other filming days. We hope this is not the case, but we have set this date if this does occur as it is possible.
  • Editing week 2

  • Preferable finish of music video

    This is a date we have set of the time we hope to of completed our music video. this will give us time to alter it if something does not look quite right and to gather audience feedback on our production
  • audience feedback

    this is the time we aim to contact our audience to here their thoughts and to make any major alterations to aspects they do not like. We will also try to talk too people outside of the target audience to contrast their thoughts and to determine their reading type (prefferred, oppositional or negotiable)

    final deadline for the coursework, everything has to be complete and uploaded. hopefully the video will be good (y)
  • Relax knowing everything is complete :)