A2 media production shedule

By Miduzik
  • Creative ideas and sheduling

    -As a group decide on a suitable track. It must be an original puece and it must not yet have a music video.
    -You may choose ny genre of music and any artist
    -All group members must agree on the song.
    -Carry out some reaseach into your chosen band/artist. Find some pictures and include them as a part of your research
  • Case studies

    Gather 3 case studies of existing music videosthat relate to your idea in terms of genre style and the performance. Take detailed notes.
  • Treatment

    The next stage is to write a treatment (a rough plan of what you intend to do). It should roughly be one side of A4.
  • Focus groups/ pitch

    Initial pre-production audience feedback. This is to ensurethat the audience are clearly targeted and to make any changes before preparing more detailed pre-production ducuments
  • Pre-production

    -Draw a detailed storyboard
    -Plan each shot to the second
    -You only have 3 opportunities to shoot the actionso make sure that what you propose to do is possible within set conditions
  • Shooting the video

    If using multiple locations film the whole way through in each one
  • Editing

    Attend all sessions of the editing training
    make sure you create rugular blog entries including rough cut edits where appropriate
    Create a tape log/ edit decition list: this is a list of shots clips in order you wish them to appear in the final edit
    Keep these to refer back in the evaluation
  • Research and planning the CD

  • Producing the CD

  • Post production focus groups

  • Evaluation

  • Editing the evaluation