A2 Media Coursework Plan

  • Discuss Plot Ideas

    Brainstorm and discuss different plot ideas, looking at genre, narrative and target audience.
  • Research current trailers

    Research current trailers, posters and magazine covers.
  • Decide on Plot

    Make final decision about film plot.
  • Analyse Existing Trailers

    Begint o analyse existing film trailers looking at the use of camera angles, framing, colour. Also discuss choice of actors/actresses and the way all these things affect the audience.
  • Survey

    Create and post a survey to collect research on audience views on teaster trailers.
  • Finalise Plot Details

    Write up detailed plot ideas.
  • Pick Actors/Actresses

    Decide who we want to act in our film trailer.
  • Plan Camera Shots

    Decided on which camera shots we want to use in our trailer, referencing our research.
  • Storyboard

    Draw out the use of camera shots with a focus on psoitioning of props and actors/actresses.
  • Finalise Details

    Decide on music, sound effects, titles etc ready for production. This also includes agreeing on locations and times with the actors/actresses.
  • Period: to


    Also take a stills camera out with us on the shoots to collect images for the print part of the task.
  • Period: to


    Edit footage together.
  • Research

    Research magazines and posters in further detail, looking at mise-en-scene, models, use of text and colour.
  • Period: to

    Create Poster

  • Period: to

    Create Magazine Cover

  • Evaluation

    Create and send out a second survey collecting audience opinions on our work.
  • Period: to


    Make changes to work based on audience feedback.