A Hero's Journey

By jkay
  • Subway hero interview

    Subway hero interview
    In class, we watched a clip on youtube about a man who risked his life for another in a subway station. As others stood by and watched a man almost get run over by a subway train, he jumped into action and showed bravery, a trait of a hero.
  • Roy Benevidez video

    Roy Benevidez video
    In class, we watched a clip on youtube of how one man risked his life during battle to save many others. He showed courage and determination despite the harsh conditions and set an example for what a hero should be.
  • Kristi Quillen interview

    Kristi Quillen interview
    We viewed an interview between Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Simmons and Kristi Quillen. Quillen works as a peace corp in Central America. She shows self-sacrifice for she gave up her comforts in the U.S. to better the conditions of the less fortunate around the world.
  • Assignment set up

    Assignment set up
    Receive basic information on the project and what is to be expected (guidlelines).
  • Visit library to look for book

    Visit library to look for book
    We took a class trip to the library and focused soley on the biography/autobiography section to find a research book for our projects.
  • Found a biography

    Found a biography
    I found a suitable book for the project and used the remaining class time to find articles/resources about my hero.
  • CTW Powerpoint

    CTW Powerpoint
    We viewed different video clips in class, such as the Year of the Rat (Badly Drawn Boy) to get a sense of what it means to be a hero.
  • CTW Powerpoint

    CTW Powerpoint
    We explored more deeply what it means to be a hero and how the videos we watched the previous day support our defintion of a hero.
  • First Blog Post

    First Blog Post
    I shared on Posterous and Edmodo a blog post on how I chose who to base my research project on, whether or not I received advice on whom to base my project on, and what interest of mine my hero reflects.
  • Chalkboard Discussion

    Chalkboard Discussion
    As a class, we come up with different categories of heroes, their traits, and people who could fit under the categories. These included real people, fictional characters, and books.
  • Second Blog Post Due

    Second Blog Post Due
    My second blog post on Posterous dealt with my ideas about heroes, who my childhood "heroes" were, how I would define a hero, whether I have contemporary heroes, and what I have learned about heroes from the literature I had read this year and in the past.
  • Present a passage

    Present a passage
    Everyone in the class chose a passage from their biographies/autobiographies to share to their fellow students. We had to explain the significance of the passages and what they meant to us.