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9CB | Clayton Brothers Unit

  • Class 1: Introduction to Clayton Brothers

    Class 1: Introduction to Clayton Brothers
    We'll watch a quick powerpoint presentation to get you acquainted with the Clayton Brothers: American contemporary artists (meaning they do work today) who work in the Pop Surrealism genre. We'll get started with our Clayton Bros. projects by making backgrounds.
  • Class 2: Oil Pastel Drawings

    Class 2: Oil Pastel Drawings
    We'll be using black and white oil pastels to make tonal drawings of a person or animal. Your pastel drawing will be the main subject of your Clayton Bros. project.
  • Class 3: Revisiting Printmaking

    Class 3: Revisiting Printmaking
    We're going to find the templates and stencils we made for the Richard Killeen printmaking unit and reuse them to apply ink to our Clayton Bros. backgrounds.
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    Easter Holiday

    Enjoy your holidays!
  • Class 4: Composition

    Class 4: Composition
    Today we're going to learn what a composition is, what types of compositions artists use, and how to make our artwork into thoughtful compositions. We'll look closer at the work of the Clayton Brothers. We'll end the class with a game called Exquisite Corpse, to help us generate ideas for the next layer: text.
  • Class 5: Text

    Class 5: Text
    Today we'll be incorporating text (letters, words, and phrases) into our Clayton Bros. projects. We'll also be using our knowledge of composition to put together all the elements we have so far, gluing everything onto our backgrounds.
  • Class 6: Photomontage

    Class 6: Photomontage
    Photos, newspaper and magazines will be your resources for cutting out and combining images onto your Clayton Bros. projects. This class is a good opportunity for those who've missed classes to catch up.
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    9CB on Camp

    Have fun!
  • Class 7: Overdrawing

    Class 7: Overdrawing
    We'll use pencil crayongs and black, white and coloured oil pastels do draw images on top of the elements that are already in our Clayton Bros. projects.
  • Class 8: Painting Motifs

    Class 8: Painting Motifs
    We'll look at how the Clayton Brothers use motifs in their work, then, using paint, we'll make some ourselves. This will add unity and harmony to our projects.
  • LAST CLASS: Clayton Bros. projects DUE TODAY

    LAST CLASS: Clayton Bros. projects DUE TODAY
    Last chance to finish your Clayon Brothers projects and make sure all the elements are present. Projects are to be submitted today.