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Sea of Monsters

  • Period: to

    Sea of Monsters

  • Dreams of Grover running from a monster/Percy

  • Percy arrives at school for the last day of school

  • Percy and Tyson have a fight with some monsters and the school gym is destroyed, Annabeth shows up rescue them

  • Annabeth, Percy and Tyson take a cab driven by the Gray Sisters to Camp HAlf-blood

  • THey arrive at Camp Half-Blood and it is under attack

  • Upon their arrival at Camp, Thalia's tree is dying and the camp is under attack from Bronze Bulls

  • Tyson defeats the bronze bulls and he gets to stay at camp. Poseidon claims Tyson as his son.

  • There was a change in the camp leader, Chiron left, Tantulas is now in charge and he is one nasty leader.

  • Percy continued to have dreams about Grover in a wedding dress, in a cave with a refridgerator

  • Camp was war and there were races and evil birds tried to hurt the campers.

  • There was a quest to be taken and Clarisse was chosen since she won the chariot race. The quest was to get the golden fleece.

  • percy felt pulled to the water so he went to the beach

  • Percy met a jogger named Hermes

  • Hermes sent Percy, Annabeth and Tyson on a quest.

  • Hermes gives Percy a thermos of air, vitamans, and ambrosia in three bags.

  • Percy contacts his dad for a ride out to sea

  • Percy and his friends arrive on a cruise ship that the captain is Luke.

  • The GOlden coffin in Lukes quarters contains part of Kronos.... to revive him...

  • They leave on a lifeboat after a fight/conflict with Luke and his army. They use the thermos of wind to put distance between them and Luke.

  • They went to the half-blood hideout made by Luke, Annabeth and Thalia.

  • Tyson found food at a Monster Doughnut shop, this allows the monsters to find the three warriors.

  • After a fight with the multi-headed hydra, Clarrisse rescues the group on her zombie ship

  • They head out to find the Sea of Monsters.They defcide to head for Charybidis and not go near Scylla.