TimeToast Islam

  • 550

    Justinian was the most famous emperor to rule the Byzantine Empire.

  • Period: 570 to Oct 20, 632

    Muhammad lays the foundation for the establishment and spread of Islam

  • Oct 27, 610

    Muhammad prayed in the Mountain of Light and was requested by the Angel Gabriel to spread God's words to the citizens of Makkah.

  • Oct 20, 750

    Qur'an Goes into Print

    Muslim bookmakers begin printing the Qur'an and volumes of poetry and prose. Islam and the Arabic language spread dramatically.
  • Oct 20, 750

    Muslim Use of Water Power and Paper

    Muslims begin using water power for making paper, and constructing canals for transporation and irrigation.
  • Period: Oct 20, 750 to Oct 20, 1250

    Islamic Golden Age

    Islamic culture flourishes as the Golden Age of cooperation between Jews and Muslims in medieval Spain promotes creativity in art, literature, and science.
  • Oct 20, 1054

    The Great Schism

    A schism, a break leads to two seperate Christian churches: Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox.
  • Oct 20, 1066

    Feudalism Starts in England

    William the Conqueror introdues feudalism to England.
  • Period: Oct 20, 1096 to Oct 20, 1291

    A Series of Crusades

  • Oct 20, 1215

    The Magna Carta

    King John puts his seal to the Magna Carta- the first limit on the King's abosolute power is established.
  • Oct 20, 1492

    The Reconquista

    The Spanish conquer Granada, the last Muslim-held city in Spain, after a centures-long effort to reassert Christian control there.
  • Muhammad was persecuted and abandoned by the Quraysh

  • Lowercase Letters

    The scholars in Charlemagne's schools begin to write with lowercase letters.