French revolution

By harnish
  • Deficit spending by the government and economic reform.

    France was deeply in debt. The were in debt because of their king louis the 14th. He just spent to much money and didnt have to witch made the go into debt. France was also involved in the seven years war and also the American Revolution with made them go into debt even more than what they are in because of king louis the 14th.The ecomomic reform failed. King louis 14th, his heirs were not the right men to solve an economic crisis,and also that louis the 14th put france into debt so much.
  • Louis the 14th calls the estates general

    In 1788 france was on the verge of going bankruptcy. Riots and nobels were spreeding they were fearfull of taxes. Lois the 14th had all of the estates ready. there were three estates first on was the cleargy eststes. the second estate was the nobility estate. Then the thired comprised the vast majority of the population.
  • the national assembely act stste controles church

    the national assembely act put the french catholic church under state control. Preist and bishopes became paid officals civil constitution.
  • Parisians storm the Bastille

    July 1789 paris seized the spot light of the national assembly meeting. rumors about royal troops were sperading. More that 800 people from paris assembled out side the bastille.
  • National assembly Acts constitution

    Nasstional assembaly setted up a limited monarchy in place of the absolute monarchy
  • spread of nationalism

    the spred of nationaliesm comes from the French revolution. The word nationalism means that you love your country a lot.
  • the national assembley act womens march on versarllias

    on october 5 6000 women marched 13 miles from paris to versailles. When they got their they demanded to see the king.
  • the national assemlely act rights of man

    the declaration was a symbolthat every man was born and free and equal in rights such as liberty property security and assistance to religion. the declaration also says that everyone is egual.
  • Threats from abroad

    August 1791, the king of prussia and the emperor of austria issued the declaration of pilnitz. The two monarch threatend to intervence to protect france. Revolutions took this sieriously abd prepared for war.
  • radicals declare war

    october 1791 their economy was getting really bad. they used phamphlets and newspaper to spread republican case. words soon lead to war. the war was between austria, prussia, brittan and other states. the war went of untill 1815.
  • Monarchy is abolished

    august - october 1792 a crowd of parisians stand the royal palace of the turilis and slaughtered the kings gaurds. radicals took controll of the assembelly and called for a election for a new legislative body called for the national convertion.
  • Robespierre and the reign of terror

    Robespierre was a lawyer and politican. He agreed with the ideas of rousseau. september 1793 - july 1794 was the time of the reign of terror. During this time 300,000 people were arrested and 17,000 were exucuted. july 27 1794 Roberspierre was arrestedand was executed the next day.After his death less people were being executed.