rylan sweed french revolution

By sweed34
  • Louis XVI Calls the Estates-General

    France was in heavy debt do to previous wars. In 1789 as Louis XVI lost power he was advised to convoke estates general and he did so.
  • Radicals Declare War

    After hundreds of years of monarchy in France it collapses. The French Declare war on Austria because they want ot protect France's monarchy during their times of revolution.
  • Deficit spending and Economic Reform

    The government is deeply in debt and prices for food increase. Riots and stealing start to take place at this time.
  • Storming the Bastile

    There was a National Assembly meeting taking place in Versailles which seized the spot light from Paris. 800 Parisians stormed the Bastile in Paris demanding weapons and gun powder. The angry Parisians broke through the defense killed the commander, 5 guards and freed some prisoners.
  • National assembly acts

    One of these defiant acts is the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which stated that all men are equal and had rights before the law. Another major event is the woman's march to Versailles on October 5th, where 6,000 woman marched to the king's palace and kidnapped the king, queen and their son. The final act is the church constitution, the national assembly puts the state in charge of the French Catholic church. Priests and Bishops lost power because of this.
  • Threats from Abroad

    The emporer of Austria wanted to intervene and protect the absolute monarchy. His best way to do so was to send a list of threats to France.
  • Monarchy is Abolished

    King Louis XVI which ends the monarchy. The king is later killed on january 1st 1793.
  • Robespierre and the Reign of terror

    Robespeirre started to execute people who talked against the revolution. This was so he could protect the revolution. It was said that 800 people may have been executed per month.
  • The 3rd stage of the Revolution

    The 3rd stage was when they started moving away from the excesses of the convention and moderates produced a constitution. During the elections the monarchs won and made the constitution in 1795. They made peace with Austria and Britain.
  • 3rd stage of the revolution

    Moving away from the excesses of the convention moderates produced another constitution in 1795. In the elections of 1797 supporters of monarchy won the majority of seats in the legislative. As chaos spread people turned to Napolean to lead France.
  • Spread of Nationalism

    A time in France where people showed pride to the nation. People no longer just showed loyalty to the king and queen they wanted to be part of the french national identity.