By weirygp
  • Deficit Spending

    The french clergy, still enjoyed enormous wealth and privilege.
    Causes More taxes-higher food prices
    Life is difficult for 3rd estate
  • Louis XVI calls for reform

    Establishes Cahiers
    calls for fairer taxes
    tennis court oath- never seperate and come up with a better constitution
  • wallpaper factory

    wallpaper factory
    unrest exloded at a paris wallpaper factory
  • Parisians storn Bastille

    !st time Louis XVI feels threatened
    Symbolizes National Independence Day for France
  • National Assembly Acts

    All night meeting to end their own privileges
    Feudalism is Abolished
    Equality of all men
    6000 women march and demand the king to return to paris
  • Threats from above

    King of Prussia and the Emperor of Austria issued the Declaration of Pilnitz- Threat to intervene and protect the French Monarchy
  • Radicals Declare War

    New Legislation Assemly took office and only lasted a year
    Economy Got worse
    Currencey dropped in value, hoarding starts, causes food shortages
    War of the words, first attacked austria and prussia then British and other states and lasted until 1815
  • Monarchy is Abolished

    Parisians stormed the Royal Palace of Tuileries, slaughtered the kings guards
    The Royal Family fled to the Legislative Assembly
    Sept. 1792 Citizens attack prisions, killing about 1200 prisioners
    Jan.1793 Louis XVI was executed by radicals who then took control of the Assebly
  • Ropespierre and the reign of terror

    Masterminded the regin of terror
    Quick trials
    Pleased the crowds
  • Third Stage of the Revolution

    The Constitution of 1795
    Middle class were the dominant class
  • Spread of Nationalism

    A strong feeling of pride for ones country
    France was a nation in arms
    push for social reform
    abolished slavery