US History and Polio

  • Jonas Salk was bown

    Creator of the polio vaccine
  • Large outbreak of polio in New York

  • Franklin Roosvelt got polio

  • the first iron lung appeared

  • Roosvelt started the Warm Springs Foundation

  • Roosvelt was elected president

  • two Failure of polio vaccines

  • Sister Kenny arrives to the US from Australia

  • US entered World War II

  • Salk anounced that there are only 3 polio virus

  • Sabin and Salk met

    Sabin proponed Salk to join, however Salk turned him down.
  • Salk's vaccine is succesfuly tested

    ...on himself, members of the lab and children.
  • 4680 polio cases reported

  • Succesful Vaccine was repoted to the National Foundation

  • Disneyland opened

  • Polio had nearly dissapeared in the USA