Emily.S holidays

  • Corowa

    My Nan and Pop suprized me and my brother by taking us to my uncles in corrowa. We went in his spa and had sauasges for lunch.
  • Period: to


  • Despicable Me

    Olivia came to the movies with me to see Despicable Me.
  • Lockart Day 1

    I packed to go to Lockart then Dad came home, he hooked up the camper trailer that me and Bailey would be staying in and my Nan and Pop would be staying in the caravan next to us. We got to Lockart caravan park and Nan and Pop were all ready there. We had arfternoon tea while Dad and Pop put up the camper trailer. Mum and Dad left and we had chickbacon drum sticks for dinner ten went to bed.
  • lockart Day 2

    Had breakfast and the magpies kept trying to steal the toast.
  • Lockart Day 3

    Went to see Gran on the bikes.
  • Lockart Day 4

    Had a campfire and Kathy (the manager of the carravan park) gave us some yabbie nets.
  • Lockart Day 5

    Fed the Horses with Ken and Marline. Got no yabbies with the yabbie nets.
  • Last Day at Lockart

    Mum and Dad came to stay the last night with us we had a bonfire and I gave Marline the present I bought earlier in the day for he Birthday. Caught 13 yabbies.
  • Sheppaton Day 1

    Today Nan and Pop picked us up to take us to Sheppaton but first we picked up their new ab circle pro from the post office.
  • Sheppaton Day 2

    We went to my cousins school she will be going to next year she is very exited then we had lunch at Mcnonalds.
  • Shepaton last day

    Went to Kayla's play group with her then went home
  • At Home

    My cousin came over and we watched the grand final.
  • last day of holidays

    Last day Emily came over.