Timeline Assignment

  • Fern Gully

    I was at my best friend Brians house when I was five and his little sister really loved this movie so we had to watch it with her. The whole time, Brian and I complained about how it seemed too girly but towards the end, we decided we liked it and ended up watching the whole thing again later during the night.
  • Twister

    I watched this movie when I was 7 with my grandmother and sisters. I remember watching this movie because it's the movie that had made me most terrified of tornados when I was younger. Whenever there was a storm after I had watched this movie, I would be terrified that a tornado was going to come and wreck my house. This fear lasted until about 6th grade and I haven't watched the movie since.
  • Happy Gilmore

    A few years ago, my dad and I used to be really close and spend lots of time with each other. A lot of the time, we would sit at home and spend time watching Adam Sandler movies since he was both of our favorite actor. I remember watching this movie because we both picked it out because we were both hockey players and we occasionally liked going to a driving range to hit golf balls.
  • When A Stranger Calls

    For this movie, I remember I was spending the week at my fathers house, and at night, my two sisters and stepsister decided to watch a movie. 'When A Stranger Calls' had just came out so we decided to watch it. We were laying on the living room floor and I remember my stepsister would scream every time something would happen.Halfway through the movie, we paused it and all got a stuffed animal because we were scared and after the movie, conveniently, the phone rang and it scared us half to death.
  • The Dark Knight

    I had gone to see this movie at the theatre with a guy friend at the beginning of freshman year and had a terrible time. I'm not a fan of movie talkers and the whole time he was talking or yelling at the movie. I remember thinking the whole time about how I wished the movie would just end so I wouldnt have to be there anymore.
  • 8 Mile

    I had gotten this movie for Christmas and the day after, my sisters and I had to be dropped off at my dads house, which is a 5 hour car ride away. We were bored and had a DVD player so we decided to watch '8 Mile.' I remember watching it because Eminem is one of my all-time favorite rappers and I was very interested in watching this movie. I loved it, and occasionally, I still watch it.
  • Augusta, Gone

    This is deffinitely one of my all-time favorite movies. I watched it on tv for the first time at the beginning of the year when I was bored at home alone with nothing to do. Since then, I've bought the movie and watch it often. I think I liked it so much the first time, because it had been the first movie I could truely relate to.
  • Aladdin

    This is a more recent movie I watched so it's easy to remember, but I had been talking with a friend about Disney movies and when I had mentioned that i've never seen Aladdin, she was completely shocked because it was her favorite. A few days later, she made me go over to her house to watch it, but we didn't end up really watching it because we were talking through the whole thing.