The French Revolution

  • Tennis Oath

    The Third Estate Had Made A Meeting In A Tennis Court And Made A Decison That France Needs A Constitiution
  • Period: to

    French Revolutiion

  • Period: to

    Storm The Bastile

    The Bastlile Was A Place That The King Ruled Over It Hekd Gunpowder, And Prisoners The Goverver Refe
  • Adopted Declaration

    Adopted The Declaration Of Rights Of Man And Citizen
  • Women Invaded

    Women Invade And Lookin For The King
  • Aniversary Of The Fall Of The Bastile

    One Year After The AttackOn The Bastille
  • Food Riots

    Food riots begins in Paris, France
  • Property of émigrés

    Property of émigrés was taken over
  • Louis XVI Wants To Leave

    The Idea Ws For Louis To Gain Trust Just To Make An Army And Destroy The Revolutions People He Ran Into The Brother Of Marie Antonett who made a promise to let him make a bigger troop scale but the idea of leaving made him nervous
  • Legislative Assembly Created

    National Assembly had finished the constitution and had Louis XVI sign it. The National Assembly then disbanded and created the Legislative Assembly. This new assembly had the power to make laws and declare war on other nations. The new assembly soon split as some people wanted more freedom or liberties. This split in the Legislative Assembly helped prolong the revolution. France could not decide if they should keep granting new freedoms after limiting the king’s power. Radicals wanted to set
  • Civil Marraige And Divorce Are Born

    Marriage And Divorce Any One Who Tries To Flee They'll Return Of Pain Of Death
  • France Wants War But Runs

    France Wants War With Austria Buts Runs Away When They Arrive
  • Jacobin masses storm the Tuileries

    Jacobin masses storm the Tuileries Palace, massacring the Swiss Guard, and the King imprisoned.
  • Royalist riots in the Vendée

    Royalist riots in the Vendée, Britanny; armies suffer setbacks at Langwy and Verdun.