Scirntific Advancements

By moorewi
  • First vaccine for rabbies.

    First vaccine for rabbies.
    First vaccine for rabies made.
  • Development of asprin

    Development of asprin
    Felix Hoffman developes asprin.
  • First blood transfusion.

    First blood transfusion.
    First successful blood transfusion made by humans.
  • Insulin

    Insulin first used to treat diabetes.
  • Blood bank

    Blood bank
    Bernard Fantus starts the first blood bank at cook country hospital.
  • Artificial heart

    Artificial heart
    Dr.Willem Kolff developes the first artificial heart in a dog.
  • Chicken Pox

    Chicken Pox
    First vaccine for chicken pox.
  • HIV and AIDS

    HIV and AIDS
    HIV, the first virus that causes AIDS, is identified.
  • Cloned

    Dolly the sheep becomes the first mammal cloned from an adult cell (dies in 2003).
  • Embryotic stem cells

    Embryotic stem cells
    Scientist discover how to use human skin to create embryonic stem cells.