codys time line

  • Baby Brother died

    Baby Brother died
    I was only three and he past away I dont really remenber him only from pictures. We dont know what he died from either so i guess its called sids. He was 2 months old and my dad was home watching him while my mom came to get us after school. My dad was sleeping and so was Levi in his bed and when we walked threw the door my mom went to pick him up from his crib. And I remenber seeing her fall into the ground with him and cry. We called the ambulance and when they got there they took him.
  • I met my older brother for the first time

    I met my older brother for the first time
    I was 6 cyle was 5 and he was 8 Zac. He was my dads kid and we never knew before then we had a nother brother. Well he came over alot and still dose. My mom calls him hers and he calls my mom mom also. He pretty much lives with us. If he could he most likely would. We look alot alike just he is taller. We love basketball and always play together.
  • Cell phone

    Cell phone
    Me and my brother finally get our cell phones first ones. We couldent belive it txt and all i felt like i was on the world. There good because we can get information from freinds if were going to do somthing. If our mom needs us just calls us and you can use them as a watch also. We have had them for 3 years 1 upgrade.
  • Mom got surgey

    Mom got surgey
    My mom had a heart surgrey. She has something weird but she got a defebulator. And every year we all have to get this thing done. We have to be careful begfore we play sports and when we get our heart rate up. ITs herittary and we dont have any signs of haveing it yet but we have to get test done every year tell were 17 then every 2 or 3 years.