Shawntaya Foster's Oddesey

  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born on March 8 1994 at 7:39 am.
  • Moved to Tennennsee

    Moved to Tennennsee
    We moved to TN on my 7th Birthday, I liked loving in TN because i got to see a bunch of stuff that i've never seen before. The thing i didn't like much was when you wanted to go the store, or someone in the city you had to drive 30 mins into town and then frive 30 mins back to home. Most of all i liked the animals we saw. We saw donkeys, and horses. We lived there for 4 years until i was 11 and then we moved back to Evansville.
  • My first puppy!

    My first puppy!
    I got my first puppy as a gift before we moved back to Evansville when he was just 2 weeks old. i was 11 years old. I loved that puppy, his name is Big boy. My lilttle sister named him that because he was a big dog. We played with him all the time since in TN we didnt have much to do because we was in the country. We brought him back to TN with us & til today we have him and hes 4 years old.
  • 8th Grade graduation

    8th Grade graduation
    I was so excited to graduate from 8th grade and move on to be a Freshman. Middle school was fun but now that im in highschool i wish i could go back.
  • My nephew Jordan's Birth

    My nephew Jordan's Birth
    My first nehew Jordan Christoher Riggle was born on June 18 2010 at 7: 38 am. He weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces. He was a big baby. I remember whenever my sister first told me she was pregnant, i was so excited. Then when Jordan finally came i was up at the hospital everyday until he came home. My sister actually had my Nephew in triauge but we call that the closet at the hospital. Im just glad that He was good and healthy.
  • Jordan's First Birthday !

    Jordan's First Birthday !
    June 18 2010 is my nephew Jordans first birthday, We already have planed out what we are doing. We are taking him to chucke-cheese and im so excited. I've never had a nephew before and now that i do i get the chance experience his first birthday with him. i love him soo much.