Life Cycle of a Butterfly

  • Delievery

    Our Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae arrived today! We will watch them grow and change over the next couple of weeks!
  • Eating....

    The catepillars have been eating a lot! They have gotten bigger!
  • Period: to

    Life Cycle

  • Growing...

    We have noticed that they have continued to grow! They have gotten really big!
  • WOW!

    Today we noticed that one of the caterpillars crawled to the top and is now hanging and is about to form his chrysalis.
  • Starting to hide!!!

    Starting to hide!!!
    Today when we observed our larva we noticed that we now have three chrysali. One of them was shaking back and forth because of the caterpillar that was crawling near it and it was trying to protect itself. Sofia thinks on Monday when we check they all will have formed a chrysalis.
  • It's time to move...

    It's time to move...
    Today when we came back from the weekend, we were very excited to see that all of the larvae had formed their chrysalis. Tomorrow we will move them to the butterfly cage. We wonder how long it will take before the butterflies hatch...
  • Moving Day!

    Moving Day!
    Today we transfered the paper lid that the larvae attached themselves to when forming their chrysalis. We taped it to the top of the butterfly enclosure. Now we wait for the butterflies to emerge!
  • No change...

    on the outside. On the inside a lot of change is taking place!
  • Butterflies Have Arrives

    Butterflies Have Arrives
    Over the weekend all 5 butterflies emerged from their chrysali.
  • Feeding Time

    Feeding Time
    We added a dish of sugar water to the habitat so they can eat. We will watch them for several days and release them on Friday if it is not raining.
  • Today we examined the chrysalsis...

    Today we examined the chrysalsis...
    We took a closer look at the chrysalis. It is very interesting to see how thin it actually is!