Hannah's Life So Far, Hannah Schweiger, 11/9/09

By isshr22
  • Hannah's Arrival

    Hannah's Arrival
    She's here!! Hannah Michelle Schweiger - all 8 pounds and 20 inches of her! Here she is dressed in her Halloween jammies. Her turtle is behind her...it is her favorite stuffy.
  • Hannah's 1st Birthday

  • Hannah's 2nd Birthday

  • Hannah's 3rd Birthday

    Hurricane Wilma came before my birthday. We had to cancel my party because we had no electricity. We went with my friends to Disney World instead.
  • My Brother Lance Was Born

    My Brother Lance Was Born
    My baby brother Lance was born this day. I went to see him in the hospital. I was excited when we could bring him home. Here is a picture of me sitting on a chair with him.
  • Hannah's 4th Birthday

    I had a pirate party at my preschool. A pirate clown came to my class and did a magic show and painted our faces. I also had a pirate ship cake.
  • Hannah's 5th Birthday

    Hannah's 5th Birthday
    For my 5th birthday we went to Disney World. We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and I got baby Simba. I also went to a Not So Scary Halloween celebration at Disney World.
  • Hannah's Broken Arm

    Hannah's Broken Arm
    We were on vacation in Lake George NY. I was playing on the monkey bars when I fell off and broke my arm in two places. I got a blue cast on my left arm.
  • Hannah's 6th Birthday

    Hannah's 6th Birthday
    I had a birthday party at American Twister's. I had a Pokemon cake and I am wearing a Pokemon shirt. My friends from school and preschool were there.
  • Hannah's Dance Recital

    Hannah's Dance Recital
    I took dance class with my friends in VPK. We had a recital and I got to where a pink costume. I got to dance with my friend AnnaLee.
  • Hannah's 1st Bike Event

    Hannah's 1st Bike Event
    I rode in my first bike event during the Sunrise Classic. My dad rides for ZMotion and I was wearing the ZMotion jersey. I rode with daddy and I got a medal.
  • Hannah Graduates VPK

    Hannah Graduates VPK
    I got to wear a cap and gown for my VPK graduation. Mommy and daddy came to see me. My class sang songs for the parents.
  • Hannah's 7th Birthday