Taylor's Awesome Life

  • Born

    My parents were thrilled to have a first child when I was born, and still, they are glad I am in the world.
  • Started Going to the Stables

    Started Going to the Stables
  • Brother Logan Born

    My brother Logan was born 2 years after me and now is 8 years old.
  • Got a cat Freedom

    Freedom got her name because we got her 9/11 so we thought it fit her well.
  • Got a cat Snowball

    Got a cat Snowball
    Snowball is a very nice cat and we got him right before I started Kindergarten. He actually showed up on our doorstep two weeks after we moved in!
  • Started Kindergarten

    Like everyone else, I started Kindergarten and met a lot of friends, some of which I still have now!
  • I Started Playing the Piano

    I Started Playing the Piano
  • Got Braces

    I had to get braces because I had a two centimeter overbite.
  • My Mom got Cancer

  • Flipped Over a 4-Wheeler

    I had such a scare last summer when I flipped a 4-wheeler! My dad got one very cheap from his boss and it worked really good! I finally rode it and I was doing pretty well! Sadly, I was going fast and took a sharp turn, then ended up flying off! Luckily, instead of being trampled, I dove off into the grass. My dad was in the garage so he came over and helped get the 4-wheeler back in the garage. I was ok in the end, and the only thing damaged was our “now dented” four wheeler!
  • Black lab Tyson died

    Black lab Tyson died
    Tyson was 12 and kept limping so we thought it would be best to put her down so she wouldn't suffer anymore.
  • Got Braces Off

    I was SOO excited to finally get them off and it was like a birthday present because it was 5 days before my 11th birthday!
  • Got New Dog Maggie

    Got New Dog Maggie
    I was lucky this summer when I got a puppy Maggie! We were looking through the paper and saw an ad for $150 Border Collies and that’s what breed my dad has always wanted! We drove to see the puppies and when we got there, we were attached right away! All of us wanted different ones, but we ended up getting the one I wanted! We took her home, and then I gave Maggie her first bath. After a week we finally named her Maggie. I was so thrilled to have a dog again and that ours was SO cute!
  • Met Barack Obama

    Met Barack Obama
    Have you ever met a president? Well I have! My mom was chosen to introduce Obama at the Town Hall Meeting in Green Bay by her doctor. We took my whole family, my grandparents, her doctor, and my aunt. Right when we got there, my mom went on stage. Then, we watched my mom and Barack Obama speak for a while. Afterwards, we went backstage and met Obama personally! He gave us his autograph and took a picture with us! It was awesome! I was very lucky to meet Barack Obama because not many people ever
  • Went to California

    Went to California
    My uncle raised money and gave us a trip to California for a week. We went to Sea World, Disneyland, Hollywood, and many other AWESOME places!