My Life

By pearl
  • I was born

    I was born
  • We found out my brother is disabled.

    We found out my brother is disabled.
  • We moved

  • We flushed our fish down the toilet.

  • I caught three fish in one cast

  • We put our dog down

  • We got a new dog

    We got a new dog
    I was really excited the day we got a new dog. We ended up getting a St. Bernard because my mom used to have a St. Bernard too. It was so sad when we were driving home because she starred out the back window at the house and whimpered. We named her Lilly Pearl Schmitz. All and all Lilly is an awesome dog.
  • My brother had brain surgery

    My brother had brain surgery
  • We went to Italy and Greece

  • My brother fell and cut his chin

  • I went to Great America

  • We went to Bonaire

    We went to Bonaire
    I was really happy the day we went to Bonaire. It was really warm and had tons of iguanas and they were really mean. Bonaire is known for its diving and snorkeling. Once when we were snorkeling I saw a sea turtle. All and all I loved going to Bonaire.
  • I ran my bike into a wall

  • We went camping in yellowstone.

    My family and I went camping in Yellowstone national state park. Once we came back to our campsite and it was so cold it was really snowing. We were traveling to a different campsite and the people in front of us stopped and it turned out there was a whole bunch of buffalo right in front of us, it was really exciting. When we finally got to our campsite we went out walking and an elk walked out right next to me. All and all my favorite part was seeing the buffalo.
  • I started middle school